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Ishikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mm
Ishikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mm Ishikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mmIshikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mmIshikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mm
Ishikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mm Ishikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mmIshikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mmIshikawa White #2  Large Honesuki 190mm

Ishikawa White #2 Large Honesuki 190mm

Item #: C1552

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These interesting knives are all handmade by Michio Ishikawa, who is a 4th generation blacksmith working for Nakaniida Traditional Blades located in the Miyagi Prefecture. This esteemed company has been in operation for over 350 years. The most outstanding feature of his operation is the use of the technique known as Nakaniida. This ancient process involves 28 steps and includes hardening the blade 3 times. The whole operation is carried out by Mr. Ishikawa.

The honesuki knife is designed primarily for parting out and boning poultry. It features a very stiff blade that has a pronounced pointed tip and triangular profile. While these knives can be either one or two sided grinds, the Ishikawa White #2 Large Honesuki is a single sided blade. It is rather reminiscent of a garisuke knife but is thinner and lighter than its sibling. But unlike most other honesuki blades, this one comes in much longer and taller than the norm. Thus it could also double as a general purpose cutter due to these increased dimensions.

Ishikawa-san uses Shirogami #2 high carbon steel with a soft iron cladding for the construction of this knife. Remember that as this is a single bevel knife it is moist suitable for right-handed users. The blade is matched to a custom octagonal handle made from stabilized buckeye burl.

  • Blacksmith: Mr. Ishikawa
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, Single Bevel
  • Edge Steel: White #2
  • Cladding: Soft Iron
  • Knife Type: Honesuki Large
  • Edge Length: 190mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Weight: 5oz
  • Handle: Custom Ocatgonal

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Ishikawa White #2 Large Honesuki 190mm, December 31, 2018
    Posted By: Kenneth

    I got this knife a while back (~1 month). I misplaced my garasuki and wanted something to replace it. Hopefully I'll find my garsuki again. Mark suggested it and i got it :)

    The description of the knife is quite accurate:

    When I got it it was coarsely ground, BUT accurately so. It would easily slit a piece of freehanging bubble wrap with one swing. Not a great push cutter but certainly a more than adequate edge.

    It is a light knife. It has a small single bevel and no hollow back bevel (urasaki). After using it a while I took it to the stones, ultimately finishing the edge with an Oouchi Japanese natural waterstone (10k+). It now push cuts with ease and was easy to sharpen (white steel). I've already cut myself once (very superficial) showing it off to a neighbor :)

    It is a deceptive knife, but in a very good way. Will it take apart a chicken? - yes, easily. Effortlessly. Cooked it (the chicken) tonight - seared it in olive oil, then simmered it in a mix of Vietnamese sweet/sour sauce, Korean black pepper hoisin sauce and Xaoshing sherry. Nothing deceptive here. Tasty.

    The deception comes in that it is a very good general purpose knife - cuts squash, avacado, tomatoes, etc. No odd steering, just clean straight cuts. The length is a bit long for a typical garsuki (170 mm), making it a more general purpose design. It is also a lighter knife than a garsuki, almost like a petty but larger.

    Sharpening the knife, it immediately takes a nice kasumi finish. The edge did chip a bit, probably due to my making a somewhat too thin of an edge. Easily corrected with a tiny microbevel. It is a single bevel knife so nearly all of the sharpening is done on the single bevel with just a light touchup on the back side.

    Overall impression - very light knife that sharpens easily and is a pleasure to use. Recommended.


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