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Chef Knives

Chef Knives

A knife must be quite important to be called a chefís knife. It presupposes that such a knife is most important of all the options in the range of knives available in the kitchen. It even implies that it may be more important than the entire slew of other knives combined. But the name chefís knife may actually be rather modest. It is often claimed that a cook will use a chefís knife for 90% of kitchen duties. With practice and good technique a chefís knife can be used for practically any kitchen task there is. Profiles vary widely though these knives tend to have a flat section toward the rear of the knife for chopping, a belly toward the tip for rock cutting, and a relatively pointed tip for performing delicate tasks. Blades can vary from thin and light to thick and robust reflecting the variation in both users and types of cuisines. For users looking for a more Japanese styled chefís knife, gyutos are essentially Japanese interpretations the more familiar western design.

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