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CBN 1 Ounce Emulsion 0.125 Micron
CBN 1 Ounce Emulsion 0.125 Micron
CBN 1 Ounce Emulsion 0.125 Micron

CBN 1 Ounce Emulsion 0.125 Micron

Item #: Ken1oz-125Emuls
Our Price: $29.95
CBN 1 Ounce Emulsion .125 Micron. Ken and I have introduced CBN in an emulsion formulation in a 1 ounce (30 ml) bottle size here at CKTG. The sprays are still available in the 2 oz sizes as well.

The emulsion formulation is water soluble so it is safe to use on leather and nanocloth strops as well as on waterstones to enhance their function on highly abrasion resistant steels.

It is designed to stick exceptionally well on strops as well as belts and motorized applications (belt grinders, etc), so it is perfect for bench strops but also optimized for high volume work.

A little goes a long way! There is no overspray so it all goes on the strop. I recommend putting a drop on and immediately spreading it as far as it goes. For a 1x6 Kangaroo strop, a single drop or two will cover it. Is is easily applied and dries quickly so the strop is ready to use right away. Use a disposable exam glove to give a cleaner preparation and to not waste any product.

On nanocloth you will apply more compound initially as it won't spread as far. It will produce a heavier coat than a spray. the result is a more aggressive strop with no loss in finish quality. It will also last longer, needing refreshing less often than leather. I recommend Kangaroo, horse and cow in that order, using the smooth side of the leather. It will also work on felt, balsa etc.

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