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Takeda Classic Funayuki
Takeda Classic Funayuki Takeda Classic Funayuki Takeda Classic Funayuki Takeda Classic Funayuki
Takeda Classic Funayuki Takeda Classic Funayuki Takeda Classic Funayuki Takeda Classic Funayuki

Takeda Classic Funayuki

Item #: TakedaAS-Funayuki

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(5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews)

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Our Price: $290.00
Takeda Hamono was founded in 1920 and moved to Niimi, Okayama in Japan in 1951. The third generation of these master blacksmiths, Shosui Takeda, is renowned for his masterful ability in forging blades from the high quality carbon steel, Aogami Super Steel (AS) from Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Made entirely by hand, Takeda ďASĒ blades have a hardness of 61-63 HRC. Initially after the quenching process, the blades have a hardness 67 HRC, but following two days and two nights of tempering, they are brought down to a more user-friendly hardness of about 62. This results in a blade which is extremely resilient, but easy to sharpen.

Generally speaking, the funayuki blade is more pointed with a flatter belly than you would find on a gyuto. The pointed tip and slightly smaller blade area make for a lighter and more agile knife. Itís a great all-around knife, especially for those preferring a push/pull cutting action. A lovely rustic kurouchi finish and Stained Maple Octagonal handle complete the package.

  • Weight: 3.3 ounces
  • Blade Length: 165 mm - 185 mm
  • Overall Length: 315 mm (12")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 58 mm
  • Handle: Maple Octagonal Handle
  • Ferrule: Black Pakkawood

    Please note that all measurements are approximations! Takeda-san and his helpers make each of these knives by hand, without a template. As a result, every knife is unique and the stats will vary.

  • Customer Reviews


    8 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Magical!, April 9, 2017
    Posted By: Neil Warren - verified customer

    Been using mine for about a month now, and I wanna give my honest review on the knife. Received mine with an ok OOTB edge. I might rate it at 7/10. But when I touched the edge up on a shapton 8000 grit, then stropped it on some leather, this baby plowed through veg like its butter. Many people complain about takeda knives' wedging issues due to the zero grind (prominent shoulder on the edge). Didnt have a single problem with mine. EXCELLENT food release! The knife wasn't that reactive at all, BUT it will patina sooner or later. My knife started to patina when I started to use it on onions, lemons, or any type of acidic food. The cladding wasnt reactive at all, but after a month of steady use and proper maintenance, the cladding started to turn to a beautiful dark grey. Haven't sharpened the knife yet, just the usual touch ups on the 8000 grit stone and I have to say, the edge retention of this knife is amazing. All in all, if you want an all around knife, Do not hesitate to grab this knife. People are right, there's just something magical about takedas. And you have to try it out and be amazed like I am. Thumbs up for CKTG for an awesome customer service and 9999x thumbs up for this knife!

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      The Fastest, September 1, 2016
    Posted By: Thomo - verified customer

    For those who are looking for the perfect all-rounder, this is it. Thin, fast, tall, perfect balance, perfect food release, fantastic fit & finish... the list goes on. My blade is 180mm with a perfect balance, exactly on the pinch grip. I could not believe the balance when I opened the box I have never had a knife that good!! The thing is so thin and so sharp it is like the fastest F1 car. You will destroy prep with one of these, it's so light and agile you can go all day with no fatigue. The only downside is the level of care needed to maintain this knife perfectly. As a result, I now own the stainless clad one as well (it can take more abuse). I use that for all my commercial cookery and keep my original knife for home. Takeda knives are bad arse... I have five all up and will get more with time.

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      great product , July 5, 2016
    Posted By: chris - verified customer

    Great quality

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      Product Review, January 9, 2014
    Posted By: Robert Hodgson - verified customer

    Ihave used this knife for about a year and like it so much that I bought another as a gift for a good friend

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      Product Review, January 30, 2012
    Posted By: Victor Bellehumeur - verified customer

    An absolutely fabulous knife. Very light and very thin.... Mine came through at 180mm and has become one of my favorite knives. Highly recommended!!

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      Product Review, October 7, 2011
    Posted By: stevieo - verified customer

    wow!! this is one fine knife. this is junior version of my beloved takeda gyuto 240. this knife is another example of takeda perfection.

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      Product Review, February 8, 2011
    Posted By: Dimitris - verified customer

    haven't used it yet...but out of the box it is really sharp with great edge and handling...seems to be the perfect knife for a professional kitchen...!!!

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      Product Review, January 31, 2010
    Posted By: Richard Platt - verified customer

    A beautiful knife. It is made from Aogami Super Steel, which I can confirm takes and holds a fantastic edge! I certainly recommend Takeda knives.

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