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Ken's CBN Spray 1.5 micron
Ken's CBN Spray 1.5 micron
Ken's CBN Spray 1.5 micron

Ken's CBN Spray 1.5 micron

Item #: Ken-15Spray
Our Price: $49.95
The cubic (sphalerite structure) variety of boron has a crystal structure analogous to that of diamonds. Consistent with diamond being less stable than graphite, the cubic form is less stable than the hexagonal form, but the conversion rate between the two is negligible at room temperature, as it is for diamond. The cubic form is also called β-BN or c-BN. While it is softer than diamond, it possesses thermal and chemical stability which are superior to that of diamond.

This is the finest CBN preparation available, using the highest quality standards and materials. The formulations have been custom blended to Ken’s very exacting specifications.

CBN is the next hardest material to diamond, yet in hand and high speed operations, it cuts even faster. In high speed grinding operations, it is actually harder than diamonds. CBN products are often more expensive than diamond in specific applications. It is particularly effective for hard knife steels over 60 HRC (Rockwell hardness), although it is quite respectable with softer steels too. It does a wonderful job on leather, balsa, paper and felt—tested in both freehand and on precision guided devices.

“I have personally tested these compounds on multiple Japanese knives, scissors, etc. and gotten excellent feedback on the edges (otherwise known as repeat customers). It is friable, like polycrystalline diamond, and gives prolonged cutting action.”

This 1.50 micron spray is equivalent to 12,000 grit.
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