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Yamashin Ko Yanagi 165mm
Yamashin Ko Yanagi 165mm
Yamashin Ko Yanagi 165mm

Yamashin Ko Yanagi 165mm

Item #: YS-KY165W
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This authentic Japanese traditional kitchen knife line features hand-forged double-layer white-paper steel blade (white #1) but is very reasonably priced. These are every day kitchen knives that many good cooks love to use in Japan. They sharpen really well and hold a nice edge. The grinds on these knives for the money are impressive which makes them a great overall value. If you've never tried a good Japanese knife and don't want to spend a ton of money these would be an excellent choice. The handles are oval shape and the grinds are even on both sides so these would make a good choice for lefties and righties alike.
  • This knife is called a ko yanagi but it's really like a small petty since the blade is ground evenly on both sides. This is a versatile little knife and can be used as a general purpose utility knife at home, school or work.

  • weight: 3.4oz
  • blade length: 170mm
  • total length: 300mm
  • blade thickness at base: 3.4mm
  • blade depth at base: 32.56mm

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