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140 Grit Diamond Plate and Universal Stone Holder - Click to enlarge
140 Grit Diamond Plate and Universal Stone Holder
Item #2pc Holder
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We are pairing up two of our most popular sharpening products into one great package at an even better price. The XXC Diamond Plate cuts quickly and is great for resetting bevels and for tip and chip repair. This diamond plate is also commonly used to flatten water stones. It comes in at 140 grit and measures 8 x 3. The Universal Stone Holder is one of our most popular accessories sold for sharpening products. The rails are easily and quickly adjustable. The rubber feet allow for a very sturdy base and raise the stone up about 7/8 to allow for better knuckle clearance while sharpening. It will hold any stone between 5 to 8 long.

This one measures 8" x 2.75". These plates are not dead flat like the DMTs or Atomas which are 2 or 3 times the price but they are perfectly fine for flattening your stones or if you want to champfer the edges or for quick metal removal. If you're concerned about this pay the extra money and buy the DMT XXC or the Atoma 140 grit diamond plate. We offer them both on our site.

Average rating is 4.7
By:  Allen B.
Great price. Good plate for flattening your water stones and beveling your edges. The plate holder can be used for any of your stones. Thanks again,Mark! Fantastic deal!
By:  Gabriel Batista
Attended my expectations. Cheap begginers (me) combo.
By:  ISI-Society
Long Island,NY (USA)
The DMT XXC 140 Diamond Plate (8x2.75x5/16") and universal stone holder 2pc set are together an AWESOME combined value for a sharpening n00b like myself. The 140 grit diamonds are set in the top face of what appears to be a solid nickel matrix - very aggressive,very flat,very sturdy,and defect free. It immediately raised mud on the first stone I leveled on it - a hard 8.25x2.75" Global Ceramic 1000 grit whetstone,and in less than 10-15mins of rubbing the two plates against each other under running water,the global stone was fully back to true ... all dishing and gouges from years of use were gone,and even the face edges felt sharp enough to cut paper (I subsequently gave them a tiny bevel,to avoid cutting myself).

2 very minor nits: I wish the 140 was just a tad larger,because my global stone overhung it by 1/4". The larger 10x4" plate (DMT or Atoma) will be my next upgrade. I also wish the plate was about 1/16" taller,to give the working face a wee bit more clearance above the ends of the universal holder. Aside from those two minor nits,this is a great set.

Color me happy.

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140 Grit Diamond Plate and Universal Stone Holder

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