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Videos & Tutorials

Here are a whole series of knife sharpening videos and tutorials that we have accumulated to date. we nick named these "knife sharpening for noobies". we will be expanding this area significantly over the coming months so please check back often.

In this video I show and select a knife to sharpen and plan out what stones and strops I want to use to sharpen it.
Here I demonstrate how to flatten a stone.
Here is start sharpening using the Beston 500 stone. I demonstrate how to work the knife on the stone and show a couple different techniques as well as explain briefly how to feel for a burr. I'm sharpening on a Naniwa Sink Bridge which you can find under sharpening accessories.
This video I use the second stone in my progression, the bester 1K stone.
This video demonstrates the shapton 2K stone. It's an excellent lead-in to the Suehiro Rika that comes next
Here is sharpen on my Suehiro Rika 5K stone using trailing edge strokes that I refer to as stropping. The technique is common when you get to high grit finishing stones as well as with leather and balsa strops with compounds.

Home > Online Cutlery Store > Videos & Tutorials

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Videos & Tutorials

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