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Kajihara Damascus Funayuki 165mm - Click to enlarge
Kajihara Damascus Funayuki 165mm
Item #KD-165 F
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Tsutomu Kajihara knives are made in Tosa Japan. Mr. Kajihara is a third generation blacksmith and he is 64 years old. These knives are fantastic values since they're made with high quality Aogami #2 (Blue Paper #2)steel with good heat treatment and high hardness at HRC62. The handles on these knives are oval shaped and are made of rosewood with ebony ferrules.

  • weight: 4.6oz
  • blade length: 167mm
  • total length: 304mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.3mm
  • blade depth at base: 47.49mm
  • Average rating is 4
    By:  Tom G
    This knife is a great package - great performance,materials of construction,and finish. The Aogami # 2 steel cuts really well,and the blade geometry gives a nice combination of solidity and razor-like cutting.

    The finish of the steels is immaculate,and the rosewood/ebony handle both looks great and feels great in the hand. It has a really nice classic touch in the finish of the knife - the point where the tang of the blade slides into the recess of the handle has a copper spacer - looks really cool. However,this same joint is the one issue that has caused me to deduct a star,as the fit in my knife is not super-tight,hence leaving a gap where dirt or food could accumulate. I’m sure this will soon be addressed by the Knife-smith,as otherwise it is a brilliant product.

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    Kajihara Damascus Funayuki 165mm

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