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Kajiwara Damascus Petty 120mm
Kajiwara Damascus Petty 120mm Kajiwara Damascus Petty 120mm
Kajiwara Damascus Petty 120mm Kajiwara Damascus Petty 120mm

Kajiwara Damascus Petty 120mm

Item #: Kajiwara Sumi Petty 120
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Tsutomu Kajiwara knives are made in Tosa Japan. Mr. Kajiwara is a third generation blacksmith and he is 64 years old. These knives are have really nice grinds and damascus patterns on the blades and they're made with high quality Aogami #2 (Blue Paper #2)steel with good heat treatment and high hardness at HRC62. The handle is oval shaped and made of rosewood with ebony ferrules.
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Blade Length: 124 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 26.8 mm
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.5
    By:  Neil
    Carolina Beach
    Fast service from Mark and crew as always. This is my first blue paper #2 knife and it takes an edge VERY easily,haven’t had it long enough to comment on edge durability,but running it on the balsa and horse butt should keep me off the stones for a little while. Must say that this knife was pretty dull out of the box and the chorl was rough,both easily remedied. Forced the patina,which turned out pretty cool. This knife is very handy for small stuff,it does wedge in onions. I’m gonna need a 12 step program to cure me of my CKTG habit.
    By:  Doug
    Received within 36 hours of order,as I have experienced previously (means my aogami super laser should be here tomorrow...) this little knife is going to be an absolute workhorse. Sharp ootb,nice tall blade,no fear of smashing garlic here. Tip is fine enough for serious mincing,great continuous curve on the blade for pull cutting,and chopping,beautiful with the darker handle and blade steel. Kanji looks great in the light,and balance is right at the blade end of the choil. The blade is STOUT,this 120mm petty feels twice as heavy as my 150mm petty,its even heavier than my 6.5" Shun Premier utility. The point on the blade is extremely sharp and distal taper is continuous throughout the blade. The convex grind is well pronounced,and the knife is thick enough that it will wedge in onions. That is a good thing for a working knife. It’s very hard to find such a heavy blade in such a short knife. Crush to peel,but still sharp and short enough to provide great precision when mincing. Awesome knife. Great looking,and incredibly functional. The german parer it is going to replace has seen little use in the last few years,but I can already tell this thing is going to be a favorite.

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