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Super Togeru Sharpening Guide - Click to enlarge
Super Togeru Sharpening Guide
Item #FC-430
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This Super Togeru sharpening guide slides onto the spine of the knife to keep your angle constant when sharpening on a stone. Works great and has a white slip strip to make for easy use and prevents you from scratching or gouging your stones.
Average rating is 4
By:  Ryan
San Diego,CA
The guide does exactly what itís designed to do,which is to help a sharpening novice keep a consistent angle. This is great for a beginner sharpener.

The angle is completely undefined; although I recognize the angle will change according to the blade height.

Also,the guide is a bit short for longer blades (say,in excess of 7") and needs to be re-positioned when sharpening. Unfortunately it scratched my knives as a result of this re-positioning. I recommend placing some masking tape on the knife before installing the guide to protect the knifeís finish.

By:  alex gutierrez
By:  Mike
This is a great alternative to the other versions of angle guides. I recommend it for novice users and those of us that want professional quality sharpening at home.
By:  DS
Fort Wayne,IN
This seems like a good idea,but not in practice. I found it harder to use than just freehanding it. Also,on a knife of any size you need to move this back and forth along the blade,and that is not easy to do,especially without scratching the blade. It does work,and does what it is intended to do,but with a little practice it is much easier to sharpen without it than with it.

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Super Togeru Sharpening Guide

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