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Tojiro Damascus DP Nakiri 165mm - Click to enlarge
Tojiro Damascus DP Nakiri 165mm
Item #F-506
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Considered to be one of the best lines as an introduction to Japanese knives, the DP series is constructed with a core of VG-10 stainless steel sandwiched between 37 layer of softer stainless for ease of sharpening. This line is constructed with a Black Stamina wood handle and stainless steel bolster. These knives are known for their superior performance for the price. This Nakiri blade measures 165mm and is used primarily for preparing vegetables.

  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Blade Length: 165 mm
  • Overall Length: 300 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 1.7 mm
  • Blade Height: 44.5 mm

    Please note we can only ship Tojiro knives in the USA.

  • Average rating is 4.3
    By:  Evan
    Orange County,CA
    great knife,looks beautiful. although out of the box it is not as sharp as the DP Chef Knife or DP Damascus Santoku. i gave it 4 stars but its more of a 3.5.
    By:  Paul R.
    Nice Knife,Great Bang for the Buck
    By:  John H.
    This is my first Japanese knife so this isn’t a comparison review. I bought it because of design and price. I wanted the Damascus finish - and a sharp vegetable knife without a high price. I believe this is the same knife as the regular DP,but with the Damascus finish for $10 more. I am extremely pleased with this knife. I have to be more careful with it because of the sharp edge it has. If needed,a few strokes with the steel retains the edge easily. The feel and balance are superb. I was a little concerned about the handle design and material,but it feels like it was made for my hand. I like it so well I bought the matching Gyuto that is also an exceptional value in my opinion.
    By:  Zachary Stovall
    I purchased this knife about a year ago after seeing my co-workers use it for virtually all of their prep work (well they are prep cooks). The knife is perfectly balanced for the style and length it is. The thickness of the blade and it’s hardness is what impressed me most. The blade is thin enough to not pry the food apart and the edge is hard enough to reach and hold a razor edge.

    There are down sides to this knife. Tojiro,to me,seems to focus mostly on its blade quality,letting the handle fall short. Tojiro lets small imperfections pass through knowing full well that in the end the professional customer won’t care about such visual imperfections as they do about overall performance. That having been said the original blade’s sharpness gave way to multiple microchips after a couple weeks use. Being a multiple Tojiro knife owner I didn’t let this dismay me and resharpened it to a razor edge and haven’t had microchips since.

    Overall it is a great knife for the money. Professionals and Amateurs alike will truly enjoy every cut. It might not be the eye candy of a damascus blade with a stag horn handle but you won’t care as you effortlessly shave vegetables so thin you can read through them.

    *Professional Warning*

    Fair warning that the thin blade and sharp edge makes fast work of potatoes difficult as the slices stick to the blade.
    By:  Owen D.
    Out of the box the knife needed sharpening.Once I put the knife to work total satisfaction. I hone it up on a ceramic steel once a day and it cuts like I just took it off the 8000 stone. No BS. I have not sharpend this knife in 2 months,yet I can mince garlic perfictly with the 3 way cut method is to 1mm cube’s
    By:  wilburspud
    Clermont FL
    Shapton stones are the best in the world. When cut for the edge pro you can get a crazy sharp knife. This stone needed a lot of flattening before I could use it so I’m only giving it 4 stars.
    By:  wilburspud
    Clermont FL
    Beautiful knife and very sharp out of the box. My wife is impressed with my new ability to slice tomatoes paper thin.
    By:  Sam
    Jasper Alberta
    I would rather own this knife then the Shun counterpart. And it’s half the price.
    By:  Dimitry
    Great knife,really beautiful blade and handle. Hard for me to find the angle which to steel this knife with,but it is extremely sharp out of the box and once well honed.One negative is that it seems to lose its edge pretty quickly.
    By:  Sean
    San Francisco,CA
    Aside from the somewhat unsightly small gap on the handle (between the handle and tang),I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the knife,especially with the blade.

    Straight out of the box,the blade was sharp enough to cut paper thin slices of cucumber...VERY FUN! :)

    The damascus design was nice,and although subtle,was much more pronounced than the picture would have you believe.

    With the bolster,the knife had a nice weight to it - not too heavy and not too light. The handle fit well for my somewhat large hands,although it felt a little rough/sharp around the edges.

    Overall,an awesome blade with a pretty decent handle.

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    Tojiro Damascus DP Nakiri 165mm

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