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Tojiro Knives 2 Pc Set
Tojiro Knives 2 Pc Set
Tojiro Knives 2 Pc Set

Tojiro Knives 2 Pc Set

Item #: F-800 & F-808
Our Price: $99.95(You Save: $40.05)
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This Tojiro knives 2pc set includes the best selling 8.25" (210mm) Chef knife along with the 3.5" (90mm) paring knife.

The Tojiro DP 2 piece set is a great set for those wanting to experiment with Japanese cutlery, but not wanting to spend a lot on their first set. This set includes: The 80mm Paring knife (F-800) is the perfect knife for detail cutting or peeling fruits and vegetables. The 210mm Gyuto (F-808) is hands down, the most popular knife amongst home cooks. It is the perfect size for the home kitchen or when cutting board real estate is at a premium. It is the all-around multi-tasking blade and great for so many jobs.

Please note we can only ship Tojiro knives in the USA.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.8
By:  Dionysus
The Tojiro DP knives are made with VG-10 steel,which has an excellent reputation. These knives are razor sharp out of the box and are reputed to be fairly easy to sharpen and hold their edge. In my opinion,Tojiro DP knives are the least expensive,high quality knives for the beginning chef--a much better value than Shun or Global.
By:  Emanuel Holder
Los Angeles,CA
Excellent introduction to Japanese knives. Very sharp out of the box,and easy to maintain. I’d definitely recommend this set for someone looking for their first Japanese knives purchase
By:  Adolfo
I love these knives. They are super sharp and they have a good feel to them. I feel any limitation right now is in my own knife skills,and not these knives. They are awesome.
By:  Henrik
Very happy with the Tojiro DP knives. The 210mm Gyuto has become my goto-knife for most tasks.

Edge retention (unless used on glass "cutting boards"...) is really good - I give them a few honing strokes on a ceramic rod a couple of times a week,but have not done any sharpening since I got it (6+ months for the first set).

Have recommended this to a friend who bought it as well - only positive feedback!

I’m very tempted to stay with Tojiro and get the 240mm Gyuto as well!
By:  Stella Newby
My particular copies of the 210mm Chef’s knife and paring knife arrived within a couple of days of ordering in charming boxes that happen to be ideal for gifting. Just be sure to include a few coins if you’re superstitious.

The knives exhibited exemplary fit and finish to my critical eye and,out of the box,they were both acceptably sharp by most people’s standards - though not quite as sharp as my Miyabi Artisan SG2’s.

In terms of grip comfort,I definitely prefer the Miyabi handles for my long fingers but the Tojiros are perfectly fine with no sharp notches and bumps at a small fraction of the cost.

Overall - VERY impressed with these knives and will buy more in future to build my eclectic set.
By:  Christien McClintock
I am very glad I bought these knives. They cut very well,have a comfortable grip and is the right size for someone like me with smaller hands.

The knives are very good for even if you work in a professional kitchen.
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