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Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large
Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large
Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large

Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large

Item #: Takeda Classic Yanagi 275mm L
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The sujihiki is designed for slicing boneless proteins. The short blade height reduces friction when cutting and the blade draws through fish and meat effortlessly. The blade is made relatively longer (some over 330mm) than other knife types so the slicing action can be achieved in one stroke. The sujihiki can be thought of as a Western style equivalent of the traditional yanagi knife which features a one sided grind as opposed to the double sided suji. Takeda knives are made entirely by hand and as such are all a bit different. This extremely talented blacksmith uses no templates or forms...relying on his trained eyes to give each knife the grind, edge and overall profile that make this brand so highly regarded in the knife world. This suji is a perfect example of his ultra thin edge geometry. His ability to forge and temper the difficult steel into a blade that has both a hardness to the edge while offering the owner a tool that is relatively easy to sharpen and maintain. But for all his expertise with geometry and metallurgy it’s the soul of his knives that make them so sought after and collected. Just try any of his wonderful knives and you will understand why so many enthusiasts insist that you must own at least one Takeda blade to be considered a true knife aficionado.

Here is a rough estimate of size. Each one is unique.

  • Edge Legth: 260mm
  • Weight: 4.8oz
  • Blade Height: 38mm
  • Spine Thickness: 2mm

    ** If you are buying a saya: The specifications of Takeda knives can vary so we prefer to fit the saya to the knife at the time you purchase the knife. We may need to make the saya to fit the knife. This will delay shipping 7-10 days. We will contact you if this is necessary.

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Jon B
    Los Angeles,California
    I want to preface this review by saying that I never liked Kurouchi knives. I thought they were really ugly,and I was planning on polishing the sides of this knife upon arrival. Opening the box was exciting. For a long time now I have been looking forward to playing around with a Takeda. The 270 yanagi seemed like a good place to start,as a slicer gets a lot of use in my day to day cooking. When I opened up this box,I was shocked at how beautiful the knife was. This knife actually changed my opinion of kurouchi blades. The handle was equally beautiful. Overall,the fit and finish of the knife was excellent as expected. The initial edge out of the box was well ground and sharp,albeit a little toothy and coarse. There were no flaws whatsoever. I cut up about 2 lbs of miropoix,a couple heads of elephant garlic,about 10 tomatoes,and trimmed,cleaned,and portioned a tenderloin of beef. The knife preformed very well. Not too thick,not to delicate. The knife was a little blade heavy,but that is to be expected at this length.

    After sharpening and polishing the edge on my stones,the edge only got better. This aogami super core holds an amazing edge and is so easy to sharpen. With use,the blade developed a beautiful blue/grey patina. I found that it was minimally reactive with all of the acidic foods I was working with (ranging from tomatoes and onions to lemons and limes). With continued use,I noticed just one problem. The edge is ground very thin,which is great. However,the knife behind the edge,where the kurouchi part begins,is thicker. This has caused some very minimal wedging when working with very crisp foods. However,when using long pulls for slicing,this wedging in minimized. On the whole,however,this knife was a joy to use on both raw and cooked foods. I would also like to note that I experienced NO chipping on the blade whatsoever… none at all.

    Overall,I think this is a truly spectacular knife that I am happy to have in my kit. Not only does it add beauty to my kit,but it performs as well as any knife I have used before. Even when being used as a chef’s knife normally would,this knife performs amazingly. From the shape of the handle,to the blade geometry,this blade is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this Takeda knife to people interested in a great slicer/sujihiki.

    By:  Maciej Stryjecki
    I have many knives and the Takeda are special. Excellent knive and excellent service!

    I po polsku: Wspanialy,lekki i ostry noz. Warto miec choc jeden ze stali weglowej,jak kupicie,zrozumiecie,dlaczego. Mam kilkanascie roznych,ale ten zawsze chetnie biore do reki. Dziekuje tez za wspaniala obsluge. Przesylka do Polski dotarla szybko i bezproblemowo,mozna tez liczyc na fochowa porade i pomoc w wyborze. Jeszcze raz dziekuje i polecam sklep wszystkim!!!

    Maciej Stryjecki
    By:  Doug Morton
    Moreno Valley,CA
    Overall the Yanagiba is excellent as all the Takeda knives I have had the opportunity to use. I had some concern ordering a 275 mm knive (acturally measures 279 mm). I quickly was completly at home with the 279 mm - partly due to the lightness - 156 g - my similar 229 mm Shun weighs in at 198 g. With its typical Takeda sharpness it is breeze and joy to use.
    By:  carol
    detroit area
    the knife is georgeous,I bought it for my son who is a cook. he loves it. the customer service was wonderful- I got a personal call from Mark to make sure he sent the perfect case for the knife- thank you. we will definitely order again.
    By:  Wenhui Zhu
    It’s good knife
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