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Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large
Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large
Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large

Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 275mm Large

Item #: Takeda Classic Yanagi 275mm L
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The sujihiki is designed for slicing boneless proteins. The short blade height reduces friction when cutting and the blade draws through fish and meat effortlessly. The blade is made relatively longer (some over 330mm) than other knife types so the slicing action can be achieved in one stroke. The sujihiki can be thought of as a Western style equivalent of the traditional yanagi knife which features a one sided grind as opposed to the double sided suji. Takeda knives are made entirely by hand and as such are all a bit different. This extremely talented blacksmith uses no templates or forms...relying on his trained eyes to give each knife the grind, edge and overall profile that make this brand so highly regarded in the knife world. This suji is a perfect example of his ultra thin edge geometry. His ability to forge and temper the difficult steel into a blade that has both a hardness to the edge while offering the owner a tool that is relatively easy to sharpen and maintain. But for all his expertise with geometry and metallurgy itís the soul of his knives that make them so sought after and collected. Just try any of his wonderful knives and you will understand why so many enthusiasts insist that you must own at least one Takeda blade to be considered a true knife aficionado.

Here is a rough estimate of size. Each one is unique.

  • Edge Legth: 260mm
  • Weight: 4.8oz
  • Blade Height: 38mm
  • Spine Thickness: 2mm

    ** If you are buying a saya: The specifications of Takeda knives can vary so we prefer to fit the saya to the knife at the time you purchase the knife. We may need to make the saya to fit the knife. This will delay shipping 7-10 days. We will contact you if this is necessary.

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