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Takeda Classic Mini Petty 100mm  - Click to enlarge
Takeda Classic Mini Petty 100mm
Item #Takeda Classic Mini Petty 100mm
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Takeda Mini Petty 100mm AS. This small petty knife is excellent for doing small tasks around the kitchen. Made with aogami super steel, this knife comes with Takeda's rosewood handle with ebony ferrule.
Average rating is 5
By:  Aaron
I own a 240 and this is every bit as amazing as that knife only smaller. It completely replaces my western style paring knife and does any small job to perfection. I got the knife yesterday and knocked out 20 pounds of carrot tournes and still could easily shave my arm hair or shred paper. It was even more impressive OOTB then I thought it would be. If you want performance and donít mind the maintenance this is the knife for you.
By:  C
This is an amazing knife. A true extension of the hand. Never before now have I been able to get a paring knife to react exactly as I want it to. Its like my brain says "tourne" and the knife cuts effortlessly and precisely as it has been commanded. The blade is super thin and takes an incredible edge. Quite pricey for less than 4" of steel (albeit "super steel"),but it more than lives up to the expectation of performance and quality.

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Takeda Classic Mini Petty 100mm

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