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Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 210mm - Click to enlarge
Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 210mm
Item #TA-SU210GY
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This Tanaka Damascus Gyuto Measures 210mm on the blade. The Tanaka Sekiso series of knives by Tanaka features handmade custom knives that are hot forged with Damascus blades. The core blade is made from Hitachi Blue Paper Steel (HRC 60 and up). The knives come with a wood handle and buffalo horn ferrule. Each knife comes with an attractive wooden gift box. These are excellent quality knives and have superior sharpness and durability out of the box.

  • Height: 48mm
  • Width 2mm
  • Weight 132g

  • Average rating is 4.5
    By:  Prod
    Sharpes knife i have ever held in my hand.. Only downside with this brilliant knife is that the steel blade rusts quite fast if the blade is not dryied quickly and oiled in with vegetable oil or vaseline.. But still the knife looks amazingly nice and is lightweighted..
    By:  Per-Ola Bjorn
    Fantastic knife,like the two other Tanakas I have. Exteeeeeeeemly sharp and very beautiful. A very useful piese of art !!
    By:  Gary
    Awesome blade great edge and edge retention. I use it everyday and holds a great edge!
    By:  EZ
    Beautiful Blue Steel blade and nice otb edge but this one is gonna need some extra care to turn it into what it has potential to be. The handle is gonna need to be replaced,the one on it is porous,oddly shaped and meant for some 25 dollar hack piece. Some complain of poor grinds though I really didnít see much worth a fuss. Definitely not a lazer and profile is tallish. I cant comment much on longevity or edge retention because mine is out getting a new handle but it showed promise with the brief usage and I am excited to get it back. With an extra 100 or so dollars put into this piece you will have something really special.

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    Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 210mm

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