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Takeda Classic Kiritsuke 240mm - Click to enlarge
Takeda Classic Kiritsuke 240mm
Item #Takeda Classic Kiritsuke 240mm
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This Takeda Kiritsuke/Gyuto has been specially made for us. The steel used is aogami super steel and the edge has a 50/50 bevel like most of Shosui's knives. Here is a chance to own something unique.
Average rating is 5
By:  Thiago Guimaraes
All in all,I love the knife. Cuts fantastically. Looks amazing (i almost don’t want polished knives anymore…almost).

It was super sharp out of the box,able to give my arm a nice smooth shave (hey,you gotta test it!). After using it for preping two 6-person meals it was still cutting tomatoes effortlessly. As a test,I stropped in on cardboard a few times and it was back to shaving sharp. No joke there when people say AS steel is the champion of edge-holding.

The octagonal handle feels great,really filling my hand with no awkward pressure spots and no slipping. I also felt no need to round the spine or choil. The knife is obviously a little blade heavy,with the balance point right between where AS and the little heart are engraved.

Each Takeda knide is hand made,so measurements will vary. Here’s a ballpark:

Thickness of spine at the handle: 3mm

Thickness of spine where angle begins 1mm

Choil height:34mm

Blade height at choil: 52mm

Blade height at angle: 42mm

Somebody wanting to try some carbon japanese knives (don’t forget your tsubaki oil) should definitely think about a kiritsuke-shaped gyuto,as it’s really an opportunity to try something new without straying to far. A regular gyuto would be great for many reasons,but a kiritsuke-shaped gyuto is great for all of those reason +1!

Mark,the guy who runs the site,was super responsive over email and even handpicked the knife for me. Don’t hesitate to contact him. Shipping was fast. With "ground" it NY in arrived in 2 days.

Also note that this knife was specially made for ChefKnivesToGo. There are only a handfull in the world.
By:  Cody
Las Vegas,NV
Great knife,suprisingly light... and excellent edge retention. I would recommend this knife to any professional or basically any type of cook out there.
By:  Bill Figueroa
Scary sharp out the box,and surprisingly lighter than I expected. The flat profile lends itself to push cutting as opposed to the Western style rockers,but this knife is seriously a joy to use and reduces by prep time with better results.
By:  Darby party
Portland OR
had this beautiful work of art for like 4 months now and all I can say is Wowee!!! Use it every day and still can go from dicing carrots to chive or basil without having to hone it. I can honestly say this knife is the best I have ever used,worth it’s weight in gold and every penny I spent on it. Hope to get more knives from Takeda in the future and too order them through chef knives Togo.
By:  Scott
Knife is beautifully weighted,super sharp and a pleasure to work with.

I brought CKTG the saya to suit which completed this superb knife.

Mark from CKTG personal service was outstanding and very helpful.

Product was shipped and received super fast.

AAA1 product & service - will not be my last Takeda or CFTG purchase.

Now what else needs to be cut up.

Love it.



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Takeda Classic Kiritsuke 240mm

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