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Takeda Classic Gyuto 210mm Small
Takeda Classic Gyuto 210mm Small Takeda Classic Gyuto 210mm Small
Takeda Classic Gyuto 210mm Small Takeda Classic Gyuto 210mm Small

Takeda Classic Gyuto 210mm Small

Item #: TakedaAS-Gyuto210

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The Takeda Classic Gyuto measures approximately 210mm at the blade. It is hammered to a thickness measuring about 2.75 at the base of the spine. Not quite a laser but very thin none the less. Like his other gyutos, Takeda-san builds this knife with a taller profile than other contemporaries. In this case a rather tall 58mm. We like the size ratios of this blade very much as it is perfect for long prepping sessions and those chefs who prefer more clearance between their hand and cutting board.

The very attractive kurouchi finish on the main blade is terminated in perfectly finished line exposing the hard Aogami Super cutting edge. This popular steel is hardened to 61-63 Rockwell. Each blacksmith has a different interpretation of a steel and Takeda-san has spent years refining his heat treating and forging skills using this difficult but rewarding alloy. The result is a knife of impeccable behavior, quick to hand, easy to sharpen and a joy to behold.

Adding to its beauty and exemplary balance is a lovely rosewood and ebony handle.

Please note that all measurements are approximations! Takeda-san and his helpers make each of these knives by hand, without a template. As a result, every knife is unique and the stats will vary.

**Please see custom saya page for saya information.

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5  Product Review, February 7, 2014
Posted By: Darren L - verified customer

Just to start, this knife is beautiful! Now when I say beautiful I say it from a knife enthusiast point. It is art. All hand hammered and made so expect the imperfect perfections such as the finish.

The fit and finish is standard for this quality of knife. The choil and spine are not rounded at all if that bothers you. In this knife you are paying for the quality steel, with a beautiful handle, and a reputation. This knife makes me feel like I am back in time because of the rustic aesthetics.


Out of the box was actually TOO sharp. Was digging in my poly and wood boards. Would be fine if I was used to the knife weight and adapted my heavy hand. Sharpens like a dream as it should. Love the height!

Over all great knife !

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5  Product Review, November 21, 2012
Posted By: Richard - verified customer

Looks like a plowshare, cuts like a scalpel. Art.

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5  Product Review, October 28, 2011
Posted By: Juan Ramon - verified customer

Este es sin duda uno de los mejores cuchillos que e tenido en mi vida laboral como cocinero y sin duda no estare muxo tiempo a adquirir otro Takeda

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5  Product Review, August 4, 2011
Posted By: Dustin - verified customer

I also own the 240 Gyuto and the Banno Bunka Takeda knives, and I love them all. When I worked as a cook in catering and restaurants, I always preferred a 10 chefs knife for pretty much everything, but ever since I got the smaller Banno Bunka I have really improved my techniques by using a smaller knife. This knife is not as tall as the 240 and seems to feel better in my hand. I think this will be my daily driver for some time to come. I am trying to restrain myself, but I see several more Takeda knives in my collection soon.

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5  Product Review, July 2, 2011
Posted By: Sebastian - verified customer

This is a truly unique and beautiful knife to have and I am never, ever letting mine go.

This is an incredibly good cutter and the sharpness is second to none. Also, this is a very easy knife to sharpen, even for a novice (with a little bit of care and attention).

Every knife enthusiast **needs** to have a Takeda!

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5  Product Review, May 10, 2011
Posted By: Cndy - verified customer

Husband gave to me for gift not sure if its for me or him but its come to be the only knife I use these days! Its the sharpest knife I've ever used makes all the others seem dull. I am extra careful when washing and drying to avoid razor sharp wounds!

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4  Product Review, March 13, 2011
Posted By: Ryan - verified customer

The knife is super sharp and keeps its edge. The only problem is that the blade can chip very easy. over all its a great knife

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5  Product Review, December 8, 2010
Posted By: Don - verified customer

This is a beautiful knife that is made to be used. My wife won't use it as she says it's scary sharp"". I love it and it is quick becoming the go to knife on my rack. I don't know how long it'll go without sharpening but judging from the other comments it should stay sharp for a long time with some care. I've been taught not to use a steel on these tempered hand forged blades. I guess my global knives will be sold or stored.

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5  Product Review, June 2, 2010
Posted By: Tarek - verified customer

Wow! I've been waiting to get one of these for a while, and it did not disappoint, despite all the anticipation and expectation. When I picked up my parcel I thought Mark might've forgotten to put the knife in the box; for its size, this knife is shockingly light.

The profile is probably my favourite thing about this knife. Takeda nailed it with the lower tip/straighter edge, wide blade, slightly extended heel (on mine) and beautiful balance. This knife just feels right.

The edge it came with literally changed my definition of 'sharp'. It's SUPER keen. Now I have to go and put completely new edges on a couple of my work knives so that they don't get jealous.
= P

The edge isn't very polished (probably a 1000/2000 finish on it), so I wearily plan on taking it to the 6000 to give it the polish it deserves.

Aesthetically, this knife is pure BADASS. That's all I have to say about that.

I picked this Takeda up as a home knife. I worry about how it would hold up in a pro kitchen. It's not the non-stainless AS steel (my Hiromoto's totally happy in the pro world), but rather how fine and delicate an edge it comes with. I was also thinking of it as a source of inspiration to cook more at home... Takeda-san, thank you! Your creation is truly inspiring.
= )

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4  Product Review, January 4, 2010
Posted By: Mike Mortenson - verified customer

I'm very satisfied with the Takeda 210. If you're looking for a rustic knife that takes and keeps a great edge this may be for you. I love the extra blade height that Takeda uses and the balance and feel of the knife in use is great. The kuro uchi finish is far more 'rustic' than other kuro uchi knives - you may or may not like this however I've grown to appreciate it. The one thing I do not like is that Takeda uses generous amounts of epoxy to attached the handle to the blade.

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5  Product Review, December 8, 2009
Posted By: Robert - verified customer

I really love this knife. I have a Takeda Mioroshi Deba as well and there are as many differences as similarities. The handle is octagonal and its the type we have all seen. No surprises there but still a step up from many. I am glad Takeda did this. The blade is quite thin over the whole length and width probably 2 or 2.5mm at the spine by the handle tapering to a 1 or 1.5mm tip. The lamination lines are obvious from above and the finish is of course hand hammered with steel showing through where the black has faded and probably will continue to fade as my deba is now almost completely the color of rough metal. The sole purpose for everything that is this knife is of course the edge. The deba held its edge after pounding through cases of butternut squash, whole chickens and whole salmon. I USED that knife. After a week I felt bad because I hadnt touched the edge. I kept looking for little chips or any reason to sharpen it. None. The Gyuto has not been as abused. Its not that kind of knife. Its thin, light, and the edge is like only Aogami could be.Fine grained super sharp. I cant even put it in the blade protector because it cuts into the plastic. I have to use a snap on. After a 4 or 6000 stone the edge is polished and will just fall through a tomato. As far as rust goes I havent had a problem. A little Camelia oil and a wipe when needed. It has actually resisited better than other knives with the same make-up dont know why. So if you need a razor sharp blade to cut things, after all that is the the purpose, then here is your knife.

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5  Product Review, November 21, 2009
Posted By: Robert - verified customer

This is my second Takeda knife. The first I bought out of curiosity because I had never tried one. Its a bit unusual looking if you are used to the polished steel version of a chef knife however it subtracts nothing from it performance which I cannot say enough about. They come razor sharp and stay that way mcuh to my surprise I thought I wold be sharpening constantly and it has turned out to be one of the best knives I have. Its amazing. Its a must in your knife bag.

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