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Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto 270mm
Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto 270mm
Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto 270mm

Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto 270mm

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This Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto measures 270mm on the blade or about 10.5 inches. There is growing popularity among knife enthusiasts for this type of knife. It is a chef knife combined with a traditional Japanese handle. The knife is called a Wa-Gyuto and features a thin blade. The Uddeholm company manufactures the steel used in the Grand Chef Knife series. Established in 1670 in the Munkfors district, Sweden, Uddeholm has a history of more than 300 years. In the field of precision rolled steel products, the company leads the world. Since quality iron ore excavated from company mines contains an extremely low amount of phosphorus and sulfur, the special steel is reputed to be of the finest in the world. The Grand Chef Knife series products use the special Swedish steel manufactured by Uddeholm and offer exceptional sharpness and abrasion and corrosion resistance for many years of service. Blade height is 55.7mm. The handle is ho wood octagonal with buffalo horn ferrule.
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5  Product Review, July 7, 2011
Posted By: Thom Brogan - verified customer

The Grand Cheff 270mm wa-gyuto offers the performance of some more expensive wa-gyutos along with more accountability: The blade is actually 270mm long from tip to heel instead of tip to some point well past the heel. Sakai Takayuki didn't look at the traditional handle they were using as a license to cut corners and pass it off as 'tradition,' they chose to push the envelope and give a lot of knife for the money.

The handle, by the way, is very comfortable and stylish as any semi-octagonal handle should be. The blade is over 50mm tall at heel allowing for scooping techniques and for more mass to amass atop its thin edge (so that less user-supplied for is needed). It's AEB-L blade steel is a fine-grained steel that provides an ease-of-sharpening and a slight resistance to microchipping that more than offsets a slight loss in wear-resistance it has compared to some of the steels in other, more expensive wa-gyutos. It acts like carbon only without all the reactivity.

With a medium grit King waterstone, a Naniwa green aoto, and a Hand American leather strop loaded with Hand American's 0.5¬Ķ diamond spray (all available from ChefKnivestoGo), its inner cutting demon with laser-like eyes is quickly and ecstatically released.

Another thing about the Grand Cheff wa-gyuto is that its blade profile is different from the western-style Grand Cheff gyuto. Where the western Grand Cheff gyuto is narrower and has a little more curve in its edge than a standard gyuto, the Grand Cheff wa-gyuto is taller and has just a wee little bit less curve than a standard gyuto. Two different beasts; each different from the 'standard' of their kind; each different from each other; and yet both are so much fun to use.

Whether using a Grand Cheff wa-gyuto or Grand Cheff western gyuto, you can't go wrong. Well, maybe, but it would take so much planning and effort to go wrong, that going wrong wouldn't be worth it.

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5  Product Review, May 17, 2011
Posted By: Roger Sutton - verified customer

This has become my favorite knife.

I love the very wide blade that allows plenty of knuckle clearance.
The knife is perfectly balanced, has a very thin blade, has a good belly that allows rocking like a German chef knife.

It was very sharpe out of the box. To improve it I stropped it and polished and rounded the spine with several different grits of automotive body sandpaper. I have a small vice with rubber jaws that clamps to the counter with suction that makes this easy.

I haven't had this knife long enough to know how it holds an edge but based on its performance so far my guess is it will retain an edge well.

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5  Product Review, March 30, 2011
Posted By: Robert D - verified customer

Unbelievable knife. This is my new go to knife. It cuts through anything from delicate vegetables to whole salmon fillets. no hand or arm strain at all.

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