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Takeda Classic Banno Petit 140mm - Click to enlarge
Takeda Classic Banno Petit 140mm
Item #Takeda Classic Banno 140mm
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Shosui Takeda is a third-generation master blacksmith and was born and raised in Niimi, Okayama in Japan. After Shosui graduated from a university and worked in Tokyo, he returned to his hometown, Niimi to succeed his father in their family business. Since 1985 he has strived and studied to produce the very best hand-forged blades and tools. These knives use Hitachi Aogami Super Steel and have rosewood octagonal handles. Spine thickness at the heel is aproxiamtely 2.1mm and it weighs about 2.6oz but each one varies a little since they're hand made.

Average rating is 5
By:  RobinW
Ahhhh,it cuts like a dream. Freshly sharpened the edge is fantastic.

Light as a feather and very nimble.

Blade is very thin and flexes a little.

Kuro-Uchi might not be for everyone but is said to contain the soul of hte knife.
By:  Doug Morton
Moreno Valley,CA
Like all Takeda knives the Banno Petit is simply outstanding. The workmanship is elegant in its simplicity. As starters it is fantastically light - 2oz - and comes razor sharp. It is a favorite for smaller jobs.
By:  Joe S.
This is the Takeda Knife that convinced my wife that I wasn’t silly for buying expensive knives. She can’t put it down and uses it for everything. Perfect for fruits and vegetables and all around small knife work. It is a must for your Takeda collection. I initially wanted a really short one (10cm or less),but 13-15 cm is perfect for this knife.
By:  Tom Hyde
Becomming my favorite knife. Does just about everything on a small scale. It is so sharp that it keeps sticking in my mable cutting board.
By:  Stu Mergler
Gold Coast,Australia
This is a great small utility knife for Vegetable Preperation. Being a busy chef I use it everyday. I use the Takeda handheld sharpening stone on it maybe once a fortnight(do not use a steel)for maybe 10 minutes.I have had it for over a year and it is still razor sharp and a pleasure to use. Can be a issue with the carbon oxidation if not cleaned and thoroughly dried after each use. Awsome knive!!
By:  Gary M
San Diego,Ca
Unbelievable knife,thin,ultra light,and the sharpest I’ve ever used. Takeda falls through green peppers,tomatoes,even yams. For prep of vegetables,fruits you can not do better then these knives. And a pleasure to use.

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Takeda Classic Banno Petit 140mm

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