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Sugimoto Wa-Gyuto 270mm - Click to enlarge
Sugimoto Wa-Gyuto 270mm
Item #CM2127J
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Sugimoto Wa-Gyuto 270mm. This Sugimoto Wa-Gyuto measures 270mm on the blade and is made from rust resistant high carbon steel with chromium and molybdenum. The RC hardness of the Western CM knives is 58 ~ 63. Sugimoto cutlery has been making knives since the 1930s. After WWII they were the first company t begin producing western and Chinese style knives for the Japanese market. They make fine quality knives and hand finish each blade. These are extremely sharp knives and we are proud to add them to our line up of top quality knives.

  • weight: 7.8oz
  • blade length: 260mm
  • total length: 414mm
  • spine thickness: 2.87mm
  • blade depth: 55.34mm
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  J Kerr
    I’ve been keen to try out a Sugimoto product for a while; I think due to the fact it’s quite hard to find any detailed info on them,curiosity got the better of me I guess. So when this guy turned up a few days ago I was eager to find out if my curiosity would pay off.

    Thankfully,I can honestly say it has,and then some. The F+F is pretty darn good; handle is comfortable (octagonal btw),ferrule and tang are fitted perfectly,very sharp ootb etc. A few scratches remain on sections of the bevel,but nothing major. The profile is the best of any knife I’ve used so far,the picture doesn’t really do it justice but the tip is very narrow,I suspect this would be similar to the Masamoto KS gyuto in that regard.

    It is worth mentioning,that this certainly isn’t a "laser" type gyuto. It’s a pretty substantial knife,I don’t have calipers but I would guess it to be around 2.6mm at the heel with a modest taper until the last 3rd or so. Weight is 219g which I believe is on the heavier side of wa gyutos.

    For comparisons sake,I use a 27cm JCK Carbonext and a 25cm carbon Sab at work and a Takeshi Saji 27cm gyuto around the house and so far I reckon the Sugimoto beats them in most regards. Certainly in the blade finish,profile and comfort. The handle probably isn’t as well finished as some but that goes with "wa vs. yo" territory.

    So if you’re looking for a substantial,all-round wa gyuto,I’d strongly recommend checking this guy out.

    Also,many thanks to Mark. Your service has been awesome.

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    Sugimoto Wa-Gyuto 270mm

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