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Strop Set w/ 3 x 8 Bovine - Click to enlarge
Strop Set w/ 3 x 8 Bovine
Item #4pc strop set
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Strop Set With Universal Holder Base and Plate. We put this set together for those of you that want to save some money and get some very useful sharpening accessories to use for multiple tasks. We made this set out of top selling universal stone holder and 140 grit diamond plate which makes a perfect metal base for the 8" leather and balsa strops. Here is what you get:

  • Universal Stone Holder
  • 140 Grit Diamond Plate
  • Leather Strop 8"
  • Balsa Strop 8"

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Jack
    This setup is really nice. One thing I like that has nothing to do with performance is the strops (except the balsa) are very thin and easy to store. They are also very easy to change when stropping. I already had the 140 diamond plate as well as DMT 3x8" plates so I use the DMTs most of the time. So if you have any 3x8" metal stones you won’t need the 140 grit stone. Also,I leave the balsa strop in the bag and put it in the stone holder upside down. The magnet is on top and the magnet on the other strops stick to it to hold them in place. So if you have the balsa strop you don’t need anything else. But if you need a lapping stone or very coarse diamond stone the 140 grit works well. I now have the balsa (Boron carbide 1 micron) and a couple of horse and leather strops. You don’t need more than one or two really but I got a couple extra to play with different sprays. Recently started honing my straight razors also and these have done a good job on those also. Great quality setup that is easy to use and store. Way to go Mark.

    By:  Jack
    I already stated what I liked about this set as an easy to use and store stropping setup. I forgot to mention how it performs. I have the balsa,two leather and two horse strops. I put boron carbide on the balsa and love that. I put .25 micron diamond spray on one leather strop. After using it I tried the other leather strop bare. I couldnít tell any difference in the edge. So I sprayed some .1 micron CBN on it. That gave the leather enough bite to refine the edge a bit more. I am VERY happy with this setup. I havenít used the horse strops enough yet to have an opinion. I am assuming they will perform just as well as everything else Iíve bought on this site. Thank you CKTG,Mark and Ken.


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    Strop Set w/ 3 x 8 Bovine

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