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Shigefusa KnivesShigefusa Knives
Shigefusa is a small, family run blacksmith shop. The founder of the business is Mr.Tokifusa Izuka who is almost 70 yrs old now and his oldest son and brothers are now taking over many of the responsibilities of the business. His oldest son, Mr.Masayuki Izuka, is 42 yrs old now. His brother, Mr.Yoshihide Izuka, is a few yrs younger than Masayuki, started earlier than him, but he's working in the factory as a worker. Yoshihide is one of the best blacksmiths currently working in Japan. The grinds and heat treatment and attention to detail are great with these knives and we are honored to offer them to our U.S. customers.


Shigefusa 165mm Nakiri

Shigefusa Gyuto 240mm

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Shigefusa 165mm Nakiri
Out of Stock
Shigefusa Gyuto 240mm
Out of Stock
Questions? CKTG Forum!About Us
Home > Knife Types > Japanese Knives > Shigefusa Knives

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Shigefusa Knives

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