Shapton GlassStone 3000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 3000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 3000 Grit

Shapton GlassStone 3000 Grit

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Relatively few stone lines offer 3k grit options. The assumption is that most progressions will move directly from a 1k stone to a 4k or even 6k. The 3k stone gives Shapton Glass users tremendous flexibility in building stone progressions that meet their needs. Whether the 3k is used behind a 2k to tackle highly abrasion resistant steels with ease, act as a bridge between a 1k and a fine finishing stone like a 10k, or even as a finisher for a practical toothy edge the 3k offers choices other lines of stone would have trouble matching. Choice among grits is not the only thing recommending this stone though. Like all stones in the Shapton Glass line, the 3k is lauded for its fast cutting and slow dishing as well as its high hardness which produces very precise edges. The Glass line also features splash and go convenience making sharpening sessions quick and cleanup easy. The stone measures 210mm x 70mm x 10mm, 5mm of the thickness is the glass backing plate the stone is mounted to.
Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.5
By:  DC
Central CA
I purchased this stone a few years ago,to replace the worn Norton 4k stone I had. After the Shapton 1k GS is used to set the bevel I use this stone to clean up the scratch paterns. I get a shiny polish off ths stone and have had no problems jumping up to my Japanese Naturals for final polishing of the blade. I use this S GS 3k on all my knives and razors when setting bevels.
By:  Claude Martz
Great stone easy to use and faster sharpening. Recommend
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