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Shapton Glass Stone 220 For Edge Pro - Click to enlarge
Shapton Glass Stone 220 For Edge Pro
Item #66.82 Micron
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Shapton Glass Stone 220 Grit/66.82 Micron for Edge Pro. The Shapton Glass stones are a perfect match for the Edge Pro. They're slow wearing, splash and go stones that cut a wide variety of steels and polish very will. They also come in an unmatched variety of grits. We highly recommend this line for use on the edge pro. Each stone is factory cut to about 6.5mm thick which is almost twice the thickness of our chosera stones.
Average rating is 5
By:  Andrew
Great stone for the EP,cut ZDP-189 like butter....... it does not leave deap sctachs to get out with progression,can easly slice paper. the burr is very easy to mange with this stone as well,very happy
By:  Forrest Keeton
geneva ny
These Shapton stones are a "must have" if you own an edge pro device. You have not experienced sharp until you have used Shapton they are expensive but your finished edges will leave everybody else drooling

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Shapton Glass Stone 220 For Edge Pro

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