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Shapton GlassStone 500/1000/6000  - Click to enlarge
Shapton GlassStone 500/1000/6000
Item #500/1000/6000
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Shapton stones are designed to be harder, faster cutting, and denser than any other ceramic water stone on the market. Because they remove material quickly, the time required to hold an angle on the stone is reduced, making free hand sharpening much easier. Shapton water stones are made with finely-graded ceramic cutting media, which wears much more slowly than aluminum oxide and silicon carbide commonly found in other man-made water stones. This results in a similar thickness of sharpening material lasting much longer. The 500x stone is the perfect place to start when resetting the bevel on a knife or removing chips. The 1K stone is a great place to start when sharpening because of the toothy edge it will leave. The 6K is the perfect progression after the 1K for the refining and polishing of the edge it will achieve. These are splash-and-go stones so no waiting while they soak making them exceptional for students and professionals alike. These stones measure 8.25 x 2.75 each.
Average rating is 5
By:  Sam Rezendes
high quality and durable.... great value..
By:  davide
Oct. 18. 2011

Well those stones are Amazing and easy to use...I gives 5 stars even i think they are 4 and half for just one little thing...I wish they were a bit wider..but like i said they are amazing..I tried a few wet stones and sometimes some of them are hard to keep wet..with those one no problem at all..always ready to go and very efficient...well just one note about CKTG and Mark...JUST AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!..always great and fast delivery and Mark is always available for any questions and suggestion!!!..THANKS MARK!!!!

By:  davide
Those stones are amazing..I love them..always ready to go in no time and very very efficient..I give 5 stars even i think are 4 and half just because one little thing that I hope they might would fix..I wish they could be wider..but like i said they are amazing..One note about CKTG and Mark they are AMAZING...fast delivery always and Mark is always available for suggestion and question..thx...and stay sharp ;)
By:  Ron Miller
Really pleased with this product. This is my first try of water stones. Previously used Arkansas stones with oil. These cut much faster. Part of that might be they are larger than my previous stones. Anyhow,easy to use and fast to put a good edge on a knife.

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Shapton GlassStone 500/1000/6000

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