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Shaun Fernandez 230mm Gyuto - Click to enlarge
Shaun Fernandez 230mm Gyuto
Item #Fernandez Custom #2
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Introducing Fernandez knives! The first will be a 230mm gyuto made of s35vn steel. This steel was produced in 2009 as an effort to improve on an already great cutlery steel, and is literally one of the newest steels on the block. S35VN boasts greater toughness and wear resistance than 154CM while maintaining literally twice the corrosion resistance. The steel acts more like a nice carbon that is extremely stain resistant. It is able to take a high level of refinement and polishes very well. It also responds to stropping very well, much like steels such as AEB-L and 52100, increasing your time between stone sharpening. Great for a beginning sharpener or knife nut looking for an easy to sharpen and user-friendly steel, it takes well to any sharpening stone including naturals. These were designed and produced by Shaun Fernadez in partnership with Lamson and Goodnow and Pete's heat treat. One of the best deals on the site! The custom handle made with Tasmanian sassafras on this knife alone is worth the price of the knife. Great performance and great looks.

  • Spine Thickness at heel: 2.25mm
  • Weight 6.6oz
  • Height at heel 51.16mm

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    Shaun Fernandez 230mm Gyuto

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