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Shun Classic Gokujo Boning Knife 6" - Click to enlarge
Shun Classic Gokujo Boning Knife 6"
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Shun 6" Gokujo Boning/Fillet Knife is great for boning meat or filleting fish. The knife has a nice curve to the blade and a little flex which allows for easy boning and filleting.

  • weight: 4.2oz
  • blade length: 65mm
  • total length: 285mm
  • spine thickness at base: 2.12mm
  • blade height at base: 31.95mm

  • Average rating is 4.4
    By:  Tim
    Amazing knife. great for breaking down chicken,meats,fish,etc. nothing this knife can’t do
    By:  Michael Brown
    Evergreen CO. USA
    Yesterday I had an opportunity to use the new Shun Classic Gojuko. It is a 6 bladed boning knife. It is totally different from any boning knife that I have ever used. The blade slopes upward at a slight angle and it is an inch and a quarter wide at the heel of the knife. The blade is very narrow for the the first two inches of the knife.

    When you are trimming certain cuts of meat it is important to take off the major sinew coverings which cover the tender muscle beneath. (My grandmother referred to it as gristle,which is what you would have for your steak unless it is removed) The way it is removed is to set the meat on the board perpendicular to you and make the first cut outward about an inch and a half back from the far end. You do this by inserting the blade just underneath the sinew (Silverskin) going under as widely as you can and then carefully cut away to the end of the piece. The blade should remain just under the silver-skin the whole time. With this first cut a finished you now have an end to hold onto with your non-cutting (left) hand. For the next cut you turn your blade over and cut back toward yourself. By holding onto the end of the silver-skin you can keep the blade just under the skin and remove the sinew in almost one piece.

    This is the way you use a boning knife when you are trimming beef. Here is where it gets interesting. With that first cut using a standard boning knife the blade of a normal boning knife rapidly grows from the tip to a half an inch (10 cm) in width for the rest of the blade. As you insert the blade of the Gojuko through the sinew there is less drag on the blade due to its narrow point.

    The fact that the new blade was razor sharp did not hurt,but there was a noticeable difference in the amount of force needed to make that first insertion and cut. When I turned the blade over to make the cut coming back I was able to keep the blade just under the silverskin for the whole length of the roast that I was trimming. I found my fingers were reaching around the blade to guide it as I came back toward myself. This put my fingers closer to my work and I was better able to guide the blade to keep it under the sinew as it gets progressively thinner. The angle of the handle to the blade makes the knife sit comfortably in your hand while you are making these cuts.
    By:  phil devries
    In my hand this knife feels good,well balanced and nimble. Makes boning a breeze,and with some careful dexterity (its sharp!) it works in a pinch to cut paper thin slices of carpaccio.
    By:  Matt
    Amazing knife. Stays razor sharp even with daily use. The angle of the blade makes otherwise difficult fat trimming a breeze.
    By:  Jake
    not a bad knife for fish and poultry but too thin and brittle for heavier proteins.

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    Shun Classic Gokujo Boning Knife 6"

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