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Shapton Pro 220x
Item #Shapton Pro Gold 220
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Shapton stones are designed to be harder, faster cutting, and denser than any other ceramic water stone on the market. Because they remove material quickly, the time required to hold an angle on the stone is reduced, making free hand sharpening much easier. Shapton water stones are made with finely-graded ceramic cutting media, which wears much more slowly than aluminum oxide and silicon carbide commonly found in other man-made water stones. These are splash-and-go stones, so no soaking is required. This results in a similar thickness of sharpening material lasting much longer. This 220x stone is the perfect place to start when resetting the bevel on a knife or removing chips. These stones measure 8.25Ē x 2.75Ē each.
Average rating is 5
By:  Ozgur
Now this is a hidden gem when it comes down to coarse stones. It is in my line up to repair minor chips on yanagi-usuba-deba knives after Naniwa Ohmura #150 and before Shapron Pro #320,followed by either Sigma Power #400 or Chosera #400. It is,alongside #320,has a different feel than other Shapton Pro stones. These two create some sort of slurry instead of swarf that other shaptons pros do. And that facilitates your metal removal,making it easy to remove minor chips. For bigger chips,I would send it to a pro sharpener or spend your days on it. I also think you can use it on double bevel knives if you take extra precaution (as it removes metal very fast).
By:  Tim
I have to agree,this is a hidden gem. The first coarse stone that didnít take 15 min. to soak. In fact it didnít take any time at all. Just splash and go! This is a tool to have at hand when you need it.
By:  Aaron
Well I had been in the hunt for a good 220 stone and shapton fit the bill. Actually dishes very slowly for a 220 and as it should cuts VERY fast. Great stone for the price.

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Shapton Pro 220x

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