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Sanyo 6K Water Stone - Click to enlarge
Sanyo 6K Water Stone
Item #Sanyo 6K
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Sanyo 6,000 Grit Water Stone. We will be video taping this shortly to demonstrate this stone. The sanyo measures 210mm x 75mm x 25mm and it cuts faster than say the King and leaves a nice finish. This stone needs to be flattened with either a diamond plate or some coarse sandpaper. There is a thin "skin" on them that I find doesn't work real well. Once you scrub that off the stone has a nice creamy feel to it and works great. Soak this stone for about 10 minutes before use for optimal performance.

Average rating is 5
By:  Aaron
Akron OH
I’ve wanted to try this stone for a while. And I was not to be disappointed. After using a King 6k which is a good stone in itself this is a great stone. Cuts much faster and if you ask me a better finish. And like normal Mark amazing service.
By:  Frank S.
Seems to me to be a great stone. Works fast and doesn’t gouge. My favorite so far.

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Sanyo 6K Water Stone

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