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Rock Hard Felt Pad 3" x 11"  - Click to enlarge
Rock Hard Felt Pad 3" x 11"
Item #Rock Hard Felt Pad
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This magnetic backed felt pad is best used with the HandAmerican Hone Base. Perfect for deburring after each stone in your sharpening progression, it can also be loaded with any of the pastes or sprays available to help polish and refine your blade. Measures 11 x 3.
Average rating is 4.7
By:  jhmaass
Very useful for stropping to remove the wire edge after each stone. The magnetic base is very great for keeping the strop in place securely while in use.
By:  Sebastian
These felt pads are simply indispensible. I can think of no other method of removing burrs between stones/after sharpening that is comparably efficent,convenient and effective. In fact,I have several of these: I also like to use them to remove stragglers (micro-burrs) and refine the edge by loading with HandAmerican’s silicon carbide and boron carbide compound pastes.
By:  Michael Bartley
Los Angeles
I loaded this with Chromium Oxide Paste. It gives a nice polish to my edges,and takes care of any wire edge that may still be there. Great product and the usual great service.

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Rock Hard Felt Pad 3" x 11"

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