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Richmond Ultimatum 245mm Gyuto-Stainless - Click to enlarge
Richmond Ultimatum 245mm Gyuto-Stainless
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Iím very excited to announce the introduction of a new knife, the Richmond Ultimatum! The Ultimatum is a stainless 245mm (9.65") Wa-Gyuto made from 19C27 stainless steel. 19C27 steel has excellent properties for kitchen knives and is used in several high end knives. The steel is hardened to 61 Rockwell and is has excellent wear resistance. Spine thickness is 2.85mm and weight is 7.4oz and the knife measures 46mm tall at the heel. The steel will show some patina if you let it drip dry so wiping it after use is recommended if you care about this. The knives are sharpened with a 50/50 edge so they're perfect for righties or lefties.

The profile of this knife is very similar to the Masamoto KS. It has a nice sweet spot and an excellent convex grind that makes the knife very un-sticky when cutting through things like potatoes. When you hold this knife you will see why I think this is our best effort yet.

  • Steel: 19C27
  • HRC: 61
  • Thickness at spine: 2.85mm
  • Grind: Distal Taper
  • Edge 50/50 at 15 Degrees
  • Height at heel: 46mm
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Handle: Bubinga Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Wenge

  • Average rating is 4.2
    By:  Danilo M.
    Hi Mark,

    I just received my Richmond Ultimatum and I have to tell you it’s a beautiful knife,such great steel. The grip of the blade is unbelievable,sliced tomatoes paper thin for a carpaccio,the finishing touches like the rounded spine and finished edge is very good,I couldn’t ask for anything more in a knife. Only piece of criticism that I can give ( and it’s purely aesthetic) is as beautiful as the handle is the installation could have been a bit cleaner,the glue residue on the entry point is an eye sore in my opinion,maybe is just me but I’m sometimes picky about things like that. The installation point is perfect,the balance of the knife is fantastic,it does not have any effect on the knife whatsoever,im just saying based on the price and comparing other similar knives that I have,I wouldn’t expect that from this knife. Anyhow I just thought it would be good to give you feedback on an new item. Thank you again for offering a fantastic knife,It will get much use from me,take care.

    Kind regards,

    By:  Ken
    Flowery Branch,GA
    This is my first serious kitchen knife. I like the looks and the feel of it. The very end of the tip chipped then rolled a bit. I was surprised how fast,1 use,had started a patina to set it. Not sure if I like that. It is semi-stainless so I should have expected that. Mark said he would fix the tip and clean up the metal if I send it back.
    By:  David S
    I have one of your stainless Ultimatums and it is my favorite knife. Although its a bit lighter than the Blazen it replaced,it feels more robust in use. I think it is because the balance is more forward. I really like the balance of the knife and the height and profile of the blade. I have not experienced the "wedging" some of complained about with the convex grind. For me it just works,works,works. You said on a forum you were proud of this knife,and I agree: Very nicely done!
    By:  Michael Bartley
    Los Angeles,CA
    i bought this knife out of sheer curiosity. I own the Moritaka KS and a Masamoto KS,so i wanted to compare shape and functionality. this knife does not dissapoint. Great fit and finish. Well done.
    By:  Darren L
    This knife is a beaut! Look to me is important. Balance is great and handle is comfortable allowing you to choke up and not loose much length. Glue job was a bit sloppy and is the only disappointing. part

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    Richmond Ultimatum 245mm Gyuto-Stainless

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