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Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto
Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto
Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto

Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto

Item #: AS Wenge Laser
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Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto. We designed these knives for top notch performance. The Richmond Laser Aogami is clad with stainless steel and has a core steel of Aogami Super steel with HRC 63 down the middle. We top this one off with a nice octagonal handle made of wenge and maple by our woodworker Isaiah. This is one of my favorite knives I've made to date!

  • weight: 6oz
  • blade length: 243mm
  • total length: 395mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.48mm
  • blade depth at base: 51.09mm
  • handle style: octagonal
  • handle wood: wenge
  • ferrule: tiger maple
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    Average rating is 5
    By:  Peter
    Quebec,Los Angeles,San Francisco,Tucson,Madison
    Over the past 25 years I have used 4 different sets of knives almost all German - good and solid. Over the years,I have left these behind and moved on with the next set. Presently,I am acquiring my next set of knives via CKTG with a variety of Japanese Knives and several of the Richmond knives. The first Richmond to arrive is the Laser Aogami Super Gyuto 240 which arrived Friday February 22,2013. It came perfectly packed and super sharp out of the box. The fit and finish are top notch first class high quality. I ran it through the standard produce - onion,carrots,potatoes,peppers,tomatoes,cabbage,and apples. A true joy to use. Almost silent at times - the silence spoke loudly. My girlfriend heard nothing from the next room. All the produce in the frig was prepared and she did not know it. I am really happy with this knife and its quality and performance. I recently have picked up a number of knives from CKTG and this now ranks at the top of the list. I probably should have ordered 2 and not 1 - since it looks like these are already out of stock. At times while using this knife I thought about going to the local grocery stores and volunteering to help people prepare their produce with this knife. Forget about my kitchen - this needs to be in many restaurant kitchens and home kitchens. This one is really a MASTER ACTION knife and it is so smooth and quiet just like the video by the KnifeFanatic. I liked this knife so much that I proceeded to pick up the 2 Petty versions at 150 and 165 the same day this 240 Gyuto arrived. I can not wait to receive the 2 Petty knives and run them through the paces. Get these knives while you can - because these are really really excellent quality knives and a very reasonable price. Well designed with some of the best available steel. Exceptional value for the money. Mark - this is a superb knife - it will probably be a best seller sometime this year in 2013 and very popular with everyone who likes to prepare food and use really extra fine cutlery. True competition in the knife market is good for all of us who are chefs (home,restaurant,amateur,professional,etc.) or who like using the best cutlery. Crystal clearly,with the Richmond Laser Aogami Super line up the market for exceptional cutlery - in an instant - may have gotten a smaller. I am certain that there have been a countless number of contributors via various knife forums including the CKTG forum who have shared knife knowledge and steel knowledge to continue and strive toward improving all things knives - materials,shapes,sizes,steel,etc. I think this type of collaboration results in a top notch high quality knife product like the Richmond Laser Aogami Super line up. I along with many other chefs will now be the true beneficiaries - very happily - and I want to thank all of the contributors to this excellent product. Mark,thank you for listening to most everyone in the knife world and making this fine cutlery and bringing this exceptional knife to the market. I think there will be numerous happy chefs in kitchens around the world using the Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240 Gyuto - and probably followed shortly by the Petty. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this knife - really fun to use. The video by the KnifeFanatic says it all! Mark,I hope you will be able to keep up with the demand for the Richmond Laser Aogami Super line up. I highly recommend this knife - buy it and have fun with THE MASTER ACTION GYUTO !
    By:  Chef Jeff
    This is far and away my favorite knife. I have had it for a month and held off putting a review in until it had some serious use. Out of the box it was great. Since then I have touched it up on 5000 and 8000 water stones twice. It is absolutely a dream to use.

    It is very thin behind the edge,and light,so calling it a "laser" is not advertising hype. There is a visible core of AOS steel that runs from edge to spine. This knife gets so sharp I can feel it bite into the surface of my end-grain maple cutting board. It goes through harder veggies,like carrots and potatoes,and they just fall away from the blade.

    The blade gets super-sharp and stays that way longer than any other knife I have. I love it. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one.
    By:  Nicolay Adinaguev
    This knife is fantastic,truly a workhorse and a clear winner of the best knife I have ever owned. Ive owned Kikuichi,Moritaka,Mac,Tojiro,Masamoto,Togigaru and nothing touches the performance and construction of this knife. As a matter of fact I plan on purchasing every knife in this line at some point,and hope Mark makes a few more knife styles in this series. As always Chef Knives To Go got it here promptly and in perfect shape. This knife holds a ridiculous edge and holds it longer than any other knife Iíve ever owned,Iím very happy. Just to make it clear Iím a working chef,this knife is used all day 6 days a week and performs to all tasks I apply it to.
    By:  J.K.
    St. Louis,MO
    Fantastic knife. Absolutely a dream to use for line work. I prep through several hundred pounds of veggies,meats,and fruits a week. It has performed better than any knife I’ve ever used. Get one,you will not be disappointed.
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