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Richmond Laser 210mm Petty
Richmond Laser 210mm Petty
Richmond Laser 210mm Petty

Richmond Laser 210mm Petty

Item #: Laser 210mm Petty
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Introducing the Richmond Laser. Many thin knives have been nicknamed "Lasers" over the years and they've been popular on our site. I thought I would take a shot at my own laser using my favorite stainless steel, AEB-L and heat treat them to my specifications at 61 Rockwell and add a nice upgraded octagonal handle made from magnolia wood and buffalo horn. The result is one of the best performing stainless knives that I've tried and I hope you like it as much as I do.
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By:  Doug
The Richmond Laser 210 AEBL-Petty is a special knife. It’s just long enough to be a good slicer,and just short enough to remain a ballerina on the board. I use this at work for beef fabrication,and it blows the restaurant "white handle" knives out of the water. It will portion Ribeye,and sirloin,and trim filet mignon much faster and with less waste than any western butchers or boning knife,it’s got just the right amount of flex for getting under silver skin and trimming it with a single stroke. AEB-L takes a screaming edge,and sharpens easily,holds it pretty well too. Cleaned trimmed and portioned 70 lbs of Sirloin,and 40 lbs of tenderloin today without a whimper. Great for roll cutting veggies too.
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