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Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm
Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm
Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm

Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm

Item #: Knife Addict CPM154

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Introducing the Richmond Knife Addict 2! The Addict 2 is our second generation knife and we made a couple improvements. We switched the steel to CPM154 and we made the knife thinner. Both of these should improve performance. After selling knives for close to a decade I decided to make a knife that I would like to buy. The Knife Addict 2 is a wa-gyuto made from CPM154 steel. The knife measures 240mm on the blade edge and was made to my specifications by the oldest knife company in the USA.

It comes with a few features I really enjoy in a chef knife. I made these knives "tall" (54.8mm) to give users lots of knuckle clearance. This allows you to effortlessly cut vegetables using a pinch grip without bumping into the cutting board or the food your cutting.

I also made the knife hard. I chose CPM154 which is prized by custom makers. The steel is professionaly heat treated to HRC61 which gives the knife the ability to take an acute edge with good wear resistance. The edge is sharpened with a 50/50 bevel of about 15 degrees on each side.

The handle on this particular version is made with rosewood and ebony and is an octagonal shape so it will work fine for right or left handed users.

I made the knife 2.25mm thick at the spine that tapers gradually toward the tip and added a rounded spine for more comfort when chopping. I'm shooting for a workhorse knife that is fun to use in the kitchen and provides you with a tool that will help you make many great meals. The knife weighs 172g.

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0  Product Review, May 12, 2013
Posted By: Brian - verified customer

I've been a chef for several years. Hands down the best knife I have used.

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5  Product Review, December 3, 2012
Posted By: Tim Youngblood - verified customer

This thing is awesome! It is the perfect slicing knife and maintains a great edge.

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5  Product Review, November 9, 2012
Posted By: Sterling - verified customer

I got this knife from Mark about five months ago and could not be happier with it. Having heavily used the Addict 2 in a high-end kitchen for almost half a year, I can say that I would easily pay double for what Mark is charging for this knife. Once you establish your own edge, it sharpens easily and holds it's edge well. The knife is very light and it being a tall knife, makes prep and service that much easier. In conclusion, this is a great knife at a great price, and Mark's customer service is great as always.

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4  Product Review, July 11, 2012
Posted By: adam a - verified customer

i really like this knife. this was one of a group of three different style knives i purchased for my first major knife grab. this is the one i grab to do all of my cutting. its sharp and slices everything i throw at it with little effort. i love the japenese style handles which i really prefer over the western style handles. this makes for much better control and feel when using a knife for extended period of time. i look for any excuse to buy fresh veggies just so i can slice things up. after using the knifde for a few months now i do notice it lost some of its sharpness and doesnt go through a tomatoe like the first day i pulled it out of the box. I really enjoy this knife i only gave it 4 stars because i have really tried any other high end knives to compare it to.

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5  Product Review, May 7, 2012
Posted By: Jkopec - verified customer

The Addict 2 is a great knife huge improvement over the thickness of the 1. If you really want this knife to scream have Jbullman put on an edge on it. Once he is done you will be able to part atoms.

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5  Product Review, March 11, 2012
Posted By: Pat S - verified customer

I wanted the Richmond addict but was waiting to pull the trigger, I ended up getting the Richmond ADDICT 2 on Christmas day and it brough tears to my eyes. This knife is an absolute dream. I have a n affinity for Japanese style knives and cooking, and the Richmond Addict holds its own against ANY other GYUTO on the planet. I converted to this knife from a Mac Might Chef french knife, and I must say, it took about 3 months to get the hang of the different balance, weight, and grip style i needed to use. Now that all that is taken care of, I AM AMAZED everytime I pick up this knife. The fit and finish is amazing, the handle just shimmers with beauty, and the Richmond Addict logo on the side is not going anywhere. I chose to get the base model without sharpening service, because I am learning to hand sharpen, and I didint want a professionally sharpened knife to start from. In short, if you want an amazing, economical, well balanced GYUTO that can handle anything from slicing cooked meats, prepping vegetables, to whatever other task you could possibly use a knife, then pull the trigger. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. On a side note, if everyone ran their business like Mark, the world would be a better place. Thank you for delivering such an amazing knife to a young chef like myself.

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5  Product Review, March 4, 2012
Posted By: Grant B - verified customer

Wow, I'm glad I waited for this to come back in stock. It's so light I thought nothing was in the box. Sharpened by James Bullock, it drops through paper with just the force of gravity. Amazing.

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5  Product Review, December 31, 2011
Posted By: Dennis - verified customer

Being used to much heavier knives such as Shun and Cramers, this knife wasn't exactly what I was expecting. (it's all good though) - I purchased the 'Addict' along with a sharpening job by Ken Schwartz; (use the 'Schwart' Luke !!) and I must say, it performs beautifully. Makes incredably short work of a whole pineapple. I've recommended this one to many of my friends.

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5  Product Review, November 28, 2011
Posted By: Aaron - verified customer

First off this steel is tough! When I got it I decided to lower it to 10 degrees per side and was surprised at how well it holds it, even in a pro environment.
The handle is very nice octagonal along with being very light. It is also a wide blade so great for chopping.
Mark has a real winner on his hands. Nothing but good things to say.

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5  Product Review, October 7, 2011
Posted By: TC - verified customer

This knife is lite and balanced. It came sharp, however I did tweek the edge to my liking. Thank you Mark for making this knife in CPM 154 at HRC 61. Great job.

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5  Product Review, September 27, 2011
Posted By: B. - verified customer

Very impressive. The design of this knife was extremely well thought out. The added height to the blade is brilliant. Not only does it provide additonal clearance to the cutting surface; it positively enhances the overall balance and [subsequently] the cutting performance of the blade. This unique profile in conjunction with a slimmer-than-usual neck, dramtically elevates the aesthetic value of this knife.

Now, I figured this knife would be good; but I have to admit- I was actually suprised by how beautiful this knife really is. It is comfortable using multiple types of grips, ultra-lightweight for 240mm, and performs expertly. Regarding details, even the handle was not spared. It had equal thought and attention paid to it with a wa-handle in rosewood and ebony ferrule. It is simply stunning.

This knife sits in the company with a LOT of super-premium Japanese steel. It looks like it belongs, and even more important- behaves like it belongs.

Nice work, and congratulations on this.

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5  Product Review, July 14, 2011
Posted By: chefwatson - verified customer

This was the first knife I purchased here at CKTG and all I can say is... WOW!

This knife is absolutely amazing! Light, comfortable, easy to use and maintain! It was the first knife I've ever owned with an octagonal handle and like Shaun stated, I am now a huge fan. So comfortable, I didn't have to make any adjustments to my grip.

I purchased the Schwartz sharpening upgrade and again... WOW! It is a light-sabre. I have used the knife for about 3 weeks now in the kitchen and I have yet to even strop it. The retention is like nothing I have ever used.

Can't wait to see how the Addict 2 turns out. Keep up the great work Mark!

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5  Product Review, June 24, 2011
Posted By: Bret - verified customer

Feels good, looks great and handles very well. The blade is easy to maintain and sharpen to any level you choose and holds its edge through sustained use. Reasonably priced so I'm comfortable letting my family use it as well.

My 'daily driver'.

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5  Product Review, June 14, 2011
Posted By: craIg c. - verified customer

Great knife. Alot of fun to use, and I like how tall the blade is at the heel. It did come very dull out of the box and it took me awhile to get a sharp edge on it.

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5  Product Review, June 9, 2011
Posted By: Shaun - verified customer

This knife is comfortable, beautiful, light, and feels like I've used it for years.

The sharpening job by Ken Schwartz was second to none. The bevel was polished like glass. This was my first octagon handle knife, and I am an absolute fan.
It fits your hand perfectly and has a nice warm controllable feel.

Fit and finish are great. This knife is surely made to last for a very long time.

And of course, the knife arrived very shortly after it shipped. I wish I could give it 6 stars! Thank you Mark!

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