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Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm
Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm
Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm

Richmond Addict 2 CPM154 240mm

Item #: Knife Addict CPM154
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Introducing the Richmond Knife Addict 2! The Addict 2 is our second generation knife and we made a couple improvements. We switched the steel to CPM154 and we made the knife thinner. Both of these should improve performance. After selling knives for close to a decade I decided to make a knife that I would like to buy. The Knife Addict 2 is a wa-gyuto made from CPM154 steel. The knife measures 240mm on the blade edge and was made to my specifications by the oldest knife company in the USA.

It comes with a few features I really enjoy in a chef knife. I made these knives "tall" (54.8mm) to give users lots of knuckle clearance. This allows you to effortlessly cut vegetables using a pinch grip without bumping into the cutting board or the food your cutting.

I also made the knife hard. I chose CPM154 which is prized by custom makers. The steel is professionaly heat treated to HRC61 which gives the knife the ability to take an acute edge with good wear resistance. The edge is sharpened with a 50/50 bevel of about 15 degrees on each side.

The handle on this particular version is made with rosewood and ebony and is an octagonal shape so it will work fine for right or left handed users.

I made the knife 2.25mm thick at the spine that tapers gradually toward the tip and added a rounded spine for more comfort when chopping. I'm shooting for a workhorse knife that is fun to use in the kitchen and provides you with a tool that will help you make many great meals. The knife weighs 172g.

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