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Richmond Fanatic 2 AEB-L
Richmond Fanatic 2 AEB-L
Richmond Fanatic 2 AEB-L

Richmond Fanatic 2 AEB-L

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The Richmond Fanatic 2 is my third knife and is a chinese style cleaver with similar profile and grind to the popular CCK1303 but with AEB-L stainless steel hardened to HRC 61. We made two improvements to the Fanatic #2. First, we made the knife with less belly. Second we improved the machi area and filled it out better. We also updated the logo with a new mark engraved into the blade. The steel used is the same and is ideal for cleavers.

AEB-L steel was designed for razors, which need corrosion resistance, high hardness and very acute edges. Once you try a knife that is made with AEB-L you will see why it is coveted by knife enthusiasts and professionals. The knife will take a very keen edge just like the best carbon steels yet you don't have to worry about rusting. You will also find much better sharpening properties since AEB-L is less prone to produce wire edges that are so common when you sharpen most high end Japanese kitchen knives. I designed this cleaver to be thin, hard and stainless with a nice distal taper, convex blade grind and 50/50 V edge at 15 degrees. The octagonal handle is made from maple with a wenge ferrule. The blades are made with our partner Lamson and Goodnow in the USA.

  • Steel AEB-L
  • HRC 60.5-61
  • Edge: 50/50
  • Edge Angle: 15 degrees
  • Logo: Laser Engraved
  • Blade Edge: 8.2" or 210mm
  • Overall Length 13.5" or 340mm
  • Blade Height 3.5" or 90mm
  • Blade Manufactured by Lamson & Goodnow
  • 13.4 oz
  • Spine/Heel Thickness 2.8mm


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    Product Reviews

    5  Product Review, August 18, 2014
    Posted By: frank - verified customer

    This Cleaver is Deceiving. First Look it looks like -what's the big deal. Now Use It.
    Awesome. Feels like a Custom blade that goes wherever you want it too. After 3 minutes, getting with it -Forget it. This knife is GREAT. Handle is perfect, ferrule is smoother than my 500.00 gyuto and I love It. And I used it for 6 straight hours and the handle size is fine. My hands are thanking me for retiring my Sugimoto #30. Very Sharp Steel! Excellent Knife! Thank You!

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    4  Product Review, February 26, 2013
    Posted By: mark - verified customer

    Hi.. I bought one of the original fanatics with more belly and the longer handle. It has been a while so I just thought to post a review. When I first got this knife I must admit I really struggled to like it and couldn't see what the fuss was about. I set to thinning the blade behind the edge and sharpening to a very fine grit level. This paid off big time as what makes this knife work so well is the thin blade profile and the very fine edge the blade steel is capable of. Now I am a true covert. This steel takes a very fine edge and repsonds well to JNAT finishing stones as well as stropping. I do not recommend going for a coarser toothy edge as this steel has a fine grain structure and can take a hair popping edge no problems. Don't be fooled (like I was to start with) - this steel takes and holds a very decent edge. To get the best out of the edge I believe some thinning of the profile behind the edge is necessary. I tend to thin most new knives - this makes as much or more difference than honing the edge alone. Just a comment about the original verson's generous belly and long handle. I actually really like both and in a home setting find no problem at all. As other reviewers will have noted the blade has a great distal taper and overall is quite thin. Put this all in one package and you have a great vegetable killer - no wedging or force required to complete a cut. A good cleaver uses its weight to assist the cut and while the fanatic is no heavy weight it is a very good cutter. Not 100% sure if you would want to use this as an all round utility but in my opinion it would really excel in this role. Thanks mark for a decent knife at a reasonable price.

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    2  Product Review, April 3, 2012
    Posted By: Jared - verified customer

    I really wish I could be writing a five star review for this knife because of how much I like the concept but I can't. First I'll explain what I like about the knife. Being almost an exact copy of the CCK cleaver, it has a lot going for it. What was so appealing to me was the stainless steel. While working on the this line high carbon can be somewhat of a hassle to keep from oxidizing. And AEB-L steel holds a good edge. Where is starts to fall apart is the handle of the knife. Being a cleaver you are going to be choking up on the blade more than most knives and the handle is mostly there for balance. On the Fanatic it is much to skinny for such use and excessively long. This is OK but the real deal breaker is the height of the handle in comparison to the spine of the knife (which is rounded making it potentially much more comfortable if your callus isn't quite thick enough). The ferulle is about a quarter inch higher than the spine so the corner presses into the ball of your knuckle. This makes it impossible to use this knife for more than 20 minutes without your hand throbbing. A real bummer. If you have 150 bucks to throw down on a clever get the Suien Chinese Cleaver (unfortunatly not from CKTG) or the Sugimoto Cleaver #30 (Semi-Stainless). Sorry Mark, love your other knives.

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    5  Product Review, March 17, 2012
    Posted By: Eric - verified customer

    Blade is thin for a cleaver.Sharpens very nice with little effort.Good value.

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    5  Product Review, March 13, 2012
    Posted By: EJ - verified customer

    Fantastic Fanatic! It's such a great performing cleaver and it takes a razor edge with little trouble. I love it!

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    5  Product Review, February 17, 2012
    Posted By: Miles - verified customer

    Before using the Fanatic I did not think there was anything especially appealing about a cleaver compared to a gyuto, but now my eyes are open. This is a fantastic cutting knife with very nice geometry, great steel and a slick looking handle. What is unique about this kind of cleaver is that it can be used for anything I'd use a gyuto for and with its extra wide profile I can easily pick up and transfer the cut product to a bowl or pan.

    In short, this knife alone made me a cleaver convert.

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    5  Product Review, December 18, 2011
    Posted By: Craig - verified customer

    I love my Fanatic. It looks and feels like a handmade knife--great taper and polish, beautifully rounded spine and heel. The long octagonal handle allows lots of hand positions. By my modest standards, the factory edge is amazing, and needed nothing but a swipe of the polished steel to be a prep Godzilla. I like the idea of a Chinese cleaver, made in an elite Japanese style, right here in the USA. Keep 'em coming, Mark.

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