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Richmond Artifex Honesuki 145mm
Richmond Artifex Honesuki 145mm
Richmond Artifex Honesuki 145mm

Richmond Artifex Honesuki 145mm

Item #: Artifex Honesuki
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Richmond Artifex Honesuki 145mm. The name Artifex is Latin for artisan or worker and I designed the knife specifically for people in the food service industry that need a great blade that is tough, versatile and uses world class steel called AEB-L. AEB-L (also called 13C26) steel was designed for razors, which need corrosion resistance, high hardness and very acute edges. Once you try a knife that is made with AEB-L you will see why it is coveted by knife enthusiasts and professionals. The knife will take a very keen edge just like the best carbon steels yet you don't have to worry about rusting. You will also find much better sharpening properties since AEB-L is less prone to produce wire edges that are so common when you sharpen most high end Japanese kitchen knives. We hardened this steel to 60.5-61 for the ideal hardness and toughness. p>I designed this knife to be thin with a nice sized handle made of black linen micarta with a classic 2 rivet design. The handle is very stable and is designed to give you years of worry free use. Finally, this knife is made right here in the United States with our partner Lamson And Goodnow. The factory edge grind is 80/20. We priced this knife aggressively so line cooks, knife enthusiasts and students could afford it.

  • Name: Richmond Artifex
  • Steel: AEB-L
  • Hardness: HRC 60.5-61
  • Grind: Convex One sided
  • Style: Honesuki
  • Handle: 2 Rivet Black Micarta
  • Weight 6.2oz
  • Blade Length: 158mm
  • Total Length: 275mm
  • Spine Thickness: 2.8mm
  • Blade Height: 41.13mm
  • Made in the USA with our partner Lamson & Goodnow

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.8
    By:  Ted Jones
    Honesuki- This knife is super sick. Tears through bones like a son of a gun. Looks amazing,and very comfortable handle. I had the knives professionally sharpened after receiving them,but they were quite sharp after receiving them. I would highly recommend this knife.
    By:  Keith
    Honestly an amazing buy. I fell in love with honesuki knives after using a fellow cooks tojiro. The factory edge wasn’t great,but after a slight re profiling it is incredible.

    Incredibly hard,strong thin edge,comfortable to use,and the best price possible.
    By:  K
    Great knife! This knife really demonstrates how the right knife for the job simplifies a task. I make chicken often,so I’m cutting up a whole chicken at least once a week. This knife is fantastic for that! It is sharp,sturdy and nimble. The tip shaping is fantastic for making quick cuts between joints and the knife slices the meat off the rib cage seamlessly. This knife is fantastic. Add in the (ridiculously) reasonable price and it is a true winner.
    By:  Ramon
    So far seems to be a great knife for the money. Pretty sharp OTB. Nice look and good feel to the knife.
    By:  Chris
    Las Vegas
    Good morning,

    I received the Richmond Honesuki knife I ordered yesterday. It take a damned good knife to impress me and I have to share with you that I am indeed impressed,may be the best feel of a knife I have ever had. The edge is great and the heft of this knife is impressive indeed. Please pass along my appreciation to the manufacturer of this fine tool. It will live long in my collection and will be used daily.


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