Richmond Artifex Fillet 230mm
Richmond Artifex Fillet 230mm
Richmond Artifex Fillet 230mm

Richmond Artifex Fillet 230mm

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Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, filleting can be a time-consuming task if you don't have the proper equipment. From meat and fish to vegetables, such as bell peppers, a top-quality fillet knife makes quick work of whatever youíre preparing. Because of its flexibility, a fillet knife practically shapes itself to whatever you're cutting. The long blade of this knife make it the perfect choice for filleting or removing the skin from larger fish as well as butchering hanging cuts of meat.

The Richmond Artifex Fillet 230mm knife is a great blade designed for professional line chefs or ardent home cooks looking for a speciality blade at a non speciality price. We make these knives out of AEB-L stainless steel. This is a finely structured alloy which takes a very nice edge. It is easy to sharpen too, since AEB-L is less prone to produce wire edges that are so common when you sharpen most high end Japanese kitchen knives.

We have mated this fine blade to a very rugged handle made from black linen micarta. This composite material is almost bulletproof and will easily stand up to the rigors of a professional kitchen. It has a western shape but with a Japanese sensibility (no bolster and a rounded profile). We are proud to offer this made in the USA knife as part of our professional centric line of Artifex stainless steel kitchen cutlery.

  • Weight: 4.8oz
  • Total blade length to the heel (including the curve): 225mm
  • Total length: 350mm
  • Spine thickness at base: 1.85mm
  • Blade depth at base: 15.93mm
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