Richmond Artifex 80mm Paring Knife
Richmond Artifex 80mm Paring Knife
Richmond Artifex 80mm Paring Knife

Richmond Artifex 80mm Paring Knife

Item #: Artifex Paring
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The Richmond Artifex line of kitchen knives have been designed and constructed with the professional line cook in mind. The name Artifex is latin for artisan or worker, and we think that this line of stainless steel knives will be the perfect choice for professionals that need a great blade which is tough, versatile and keenly priced. These are high performing knives with durability and ease of maintenance built in.

The Richmond Artifex 80mm Paring Knife is a perfect tool for those small chopping jobs as well as the intricate work entailed in the preparation of garnishes and art food. It is made from AEB-L mono construction stainless steel. The knife will take a very keen edge just like the best carbon steels, yet you don't have to worry about rusting. It has a thin profile and a nice curve to the belly. The blade is ground 50/50, so itís suitable for all users, right or left handed.

The handle is made from black linen micarta. A virtually indestructible material that is light weight and easy to hold. We priced this knife aggressively so line cooks, knife enthusiasts and students could afford it.

  • Name: Richmond Artifex
  • Steel: AEB-L
  • Hardness: HRC 60.5-61
  • Grind: Convex
  • Edge: V at 15 Degrees
  • Taper: Distal
  • Style: Paring Knife
  • Handle: 2 Rivet Black Micarta
  • Spine thickness: 1.5mm at heel
  • Weight 1.8oz
  • Height 18.95mm at the heel.
  • Made in the USA with our partner Lamson & Goodnow

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.2
    By:  Joe
    Good affordable paring knife with good steel! My biggest complaint of the knife is that I keep nicking myself on the heel of the knife! I noticed that CKTG has recently released Artifex paring knives with a much larger cutout at the heel to solve this problem. Unfortunately,I got an early version. Otherwise,no complaints! Keeps a good edge and very easy to sharpen!
    By:  Daniel
    South Dakota USA
    Great knife; when cooking,sadly your spouse will grab it first and you will end up stuck with that cheap knife from Target.
    By:  bicycle john
    a great little sharp knife that stays sharp
    By:  Christopher
    Sharp knife,good fit and finish. It didnít take long for me to nick my finger on the heel because there is no guard. I softened that corner with a stone,and it seems better now. The handle is a little small for my hand,too. But this is a nicely made knife to go with my other 2 Richmond Artifex knives.
    By:  Jeff
    San Francisco,CA
    Initially,this knife had some pretty serious flaw when it came to me. The heel of the knife closest to the choil was a fractured,broken mess of sharp angles and what looked like chipped steel.

    It made me question the knife at first,since certainly the OOTB edge was nothing fancy.

    But I spent an hour grinding down the sharp edges on the heel part of the knife close to the choil,and then spent another 10min putting a new edge on this knife,and my doubts have worn away.

    For a little paring knife,it takes a crazy sharp edge very quickly and easily.

    I wish the knife didn’t come with such poor finishing work as I saw,but I was able to correct it and don’t regret the purchase at all. I’ll be looking for an excuse to flute mushrooms.
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