Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm
Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm
Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm

Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm

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The sujihiki is fundamentally a slicing knife that has a long narrow blade normally running between 270mm and 330mm. Itís purpose is to smoothly slice through meat or vegetables while preserving the integrity of each ingredient's freshness.The Sujihiki slicer can carve and process large roasts and other meats and fish. It is commonly used for cutting sushi and thinly slicing other ingredients such as hams or smoked salmon. The sujihiki is regarded as a Western-style equivalent of the traditional yanagiba knife.

The Richmond Artifex Sujihiki is 270mm long, so it can thinly slice large cuts of protein using one single stroke. The very thin blade of the Artifex Sujihiki is constructed from a single piece of AEB-L stainless steel. It is a fine grained alloy which is easy to sharpen and retains a nice edge. The hardness is about 61 HRC.

The knife comes with a black linen micarta handle in a western shape. This material is bomb proof and will give you years of worry free use. Also, there is no bolster on the blade so this combination is an interesting cross between western and Japanese styles. An interesting and relevant choice for this hybrid style blade. We manufacture this knife with our partners Lamson and Goodnow in the USA.

  • Name: Richmond Artifex
  • Steel: AEB-L
  • Hardness: HRC 60.5-61
  • Grind: Convex
  • Style: Sujihiki
  • Handle: 2 Rivet Black Micarta
  • Weight 5.8oz
  • Blade Length: 264mm
  • Total Length: 385mm
  • Spine Thickness: 2.18mm
  • Blade Depth: 38.59mm
  • Made in the USA with our partner Lamson & Goodnow

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