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Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm
Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm
Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm

Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm

Item #: Artifex Sujihiki
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Richmond Artifex Sujihiki 270mm. The name Artifex is Latin for artisan or worker and I designed the knife specifically for people in the food service industry that need a great blade that is tough, versatile and uses world class steel called AEB-L. AEB-L (also called 13C26) steel was designed for razors, which need corrosion resistance, high hardness and very acute edges. Once you try a knife that is made with AEB-L you will see why it is coveted by knife enthusiasts and professionals. The knife will take a very keen edge just like the best carbon steels yet you don't have to worry about rusting. You will also find much better sharpening properties since AEB-L is less prone to produce wire edges that are so common when you sharpen most high end Japanese kitchen knives. We hardened this steel to 60.5-61 for the ideal hardness and toughness. p>I designed this knife to be thin with a nice sized handle made of black linen micarta with a classic 2 rivet design. The handle is very stable and is designed to give you years of worry free use. Finally, this knife is made right here in the United States with our partner Lamson And Goodnow. The factory edge grind is 50/50 at about 15 degrees on each side. We priced this knife aggressively so line cooks, knife enthusiasts and students could afford it.

  • Name: Richmond Artifex
  • Steel: AEB-L
  • Hardness: HRC 60.5-61
  • Grind: Convex
  • Style: Sujihiki
  • Handle: 2 Rivet Black Micarta
  • Weight 5.8oz
  • Blade Length: 264mm
  • Total Length: 385mm
  • Spine Thickness: 2.18mm
  • Blade Depth: 38.59mm
  • Made in the USA with our partner Lamson & Goodnow

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Aubrey
    Brilliant slicer,it’s my new go-to. Really light and shave sharp out of box!
    By:  Mony
    I work in a kitchen professionally,most of my hours are spent fabricating food. The Sujihiki is my go to knife to break down whole fish. From Salmon,halibut to Striped Bass. It’s thin and narrow allowing me to navigate bones and skin. This knife has a slight flex where I need a little give. Very durable,versatile and sharp. I recommend for anyone and everyone.
    By:  Sebastian
    St Paul MN
    I am very impressed. It’s pretty sharp out of the box and it has features that you generally find on knives with much higher price points such as a rounded spine. It takes and holds a good edge and manages to be just flexy enough. The length is nice for cleaning salmon and slicing ribeyes but I find that it cleans tenderloins as well as anything else I have ever used. All thanks to Mark for making this available.
    By:  Ken G
    I received the Richmond Suji I used it over the weekend as a stand-in Yanagiba to break 3,40-lb Pacific Yellowtail into Sashimi style slices for an event. I did the breaking cuts with a different knife,but all the slicing was done with the Suji. Needless to say,that was A LOT of slices. The knife,with the supplied edge works very,very well. I am impressed. I didnít touch it with the Idahone (even though it needed it toward the end a bit). I cut more slices of fish for that prep than most sushi chefs cut in two services. Nice piece. If anybody has questions,give them my e-mail address. Also,the knife is an incredible value. I hope you get more steel so you can produce more.
    By:  Ken
    San Diego
    I ordered this knife with the optional sharpening. I used the knife out of the box on a very heavy (3 50 lb fish) prep session. All I can say is Wow! There is not a better value than this Suji. You will not be disappointed,in fact,you may want to send in more money!
    By:  Martin Rippel
    Columbus Ohio
    Iím very pleased with my recent purchase of the Richmond Artifex sujihiki. I love the flexibility of use it gives me. Great steel with a very good factory edge. A great value as well.
    By:  pdlBK
    Couldn’t be happier with the blade.

    Won’t opt for the sharpening service again though.
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