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Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm SALE
Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm SALE
Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm SALE

Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm SALE

Item #: ArtifexGyuto240mm

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Our Price: $75.00(You Save: $14.95)
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Walnut 270mm Suji Saya
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For a limited time this knife is on sale. We have too many and need to clear out a little inventory. The Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm is a good general purpose knife for most kitchen cutting duties. It is made from a mono steel construction of AEB-L stainless steel. The alloy is hardened to 60-61 HRC. This popular and hardy steel is easy to maintain and sharpen. It holds its edge very well.

At 8oz or 230g it is fairly light for this style blade. The profile is quite thin with nice distal taper to the fairly thin tip. The gyuto has a good basic profile with the back third of the cutting edge being flat which then transitions into a Masamoto style belly. It has a really nice finish on the spine and heel, especially considering its very competitive price.

The blade is coupled to a handle made from black linen micarta, a tough and resilient material that will give years of service. The handle has a yo gyuto/Western chef style shape and comes without the normal bolster you would find in this application. It is light and comfortable to use.

This knife is a screaming bargain! Period! If you are a busy line cook or a home enthusiast looking to get into Japanese chef knives, the Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm would be a great place to start.

  • Name: Richmond Artifex
  • Steel: AEB-L (13C26)
  • Hardness: HRC 60.5-61
  • Grind: Convex
  • Edge: V at 15 Degrees
  • Taper: Distal
  • Style: Yo Gyuto/Western Chef
  • Handle: G-10
  • Spine thickness: 2.4mm at heel
  • Weight 6.8oz
  • Height 46.5mm at the heel
  • Made in the USA with our partner Lamson & Goodnow

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  So far so good!, June 22, 2016
    Posted By: JD - verified customer

    Only used it for about a week now. Pretty sharp outa the box. Done quite a bit of prep work with it including 6 dozen fresh ears of corn! Couple on passes on my steel and it was good to go again. I think AEBL may be the perfect steel for kitchen knives( at the hardness you temper them). I build knives for a hobby and for what I paid for this knife I couldn't buy the blank to build one. I will sharpen it in the next few weeks on my water stones and I'm sure it will be a scalpel. Good handle nice weight and balance, but I'm tellin you the steel is the ticket! No rust no problems. Buy it

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    5  work horse, November 10, 2015
    Posted By: joe

    Great all purpose blade.Went through 2 cases of cabbage, a case of brussels,, and a case of potatoes with ease. Then used it for slicing proteins during service. Came with a strange edge and a flat spot but for $75 i don't mind putting a new edge on it.

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    5  Great for Professionals, June 21, 2015
    Posted By: EJ

    I've been using this knife for about a year now. It's easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. I love the handle on it. Very durable. Great knife!

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    5  Excellent Value!, June 19, 2015
    Posted By: Varut

    just got this thing in the mail right on time for father's day, and all i can say is wow. im pretty new to nice kitchen cutlery and knife sharpening, but i can easily see the difference in quality compared to my other two chef's knives, one being a knock-off sabatier and the other a cheapo brand. this thing came in pretty darn sharp, arm shaving sharp, and is light as can be. waaayy more nimble than my other two knives. it did come in slightly bent to the left from the handle, but i fixed it in literally 10 seconds. that would've been impossible with my sabatier, which still has a curve to it which i have not been able to get out due to the thickness of the blade. i haven't used it yet as i just got back from work, but i almost want to bring it into to work tomorrow before giving it to my dad just to check it out.

    long story short, i can tell this thing is going to be a dream to use compared to my other two knives, and i cant wait to get my own gyuto when i feel i have earned it. in the mean while, ill get to use this one on days i work the the pops in his kitchen. as always, very fast shipping and absolutely great value. if i weren't eyeing some nicer gyuto's with Wa handles, i would not hesitate for a second to buy another. especially at the sale price. heck, i might even buy one anyways.

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    5  Great Workhorse, December 31, 2014
    Posted By: Carter

    I bought this as an everyday workhorse in a catering kitchen and am very happy with how it performs. Ill upgrade at some point, but for the price you cant beat it.

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    4  Product Review, June 21, 2014
    Posted By: Noel - verified customer

    Excelent knife for the price! It came with an uneven edge but nothing the stones couldn't handle. Everything else was immaculate.

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    5  Product Review, January 11, 2014
    Posted By: Joe - verified customer

    I really dig this knife. I'm a home cook and was looking for a solid, affordable knife. After doing some research I settled on this and I'm glad I did.

    The fit and finish on the knife are great out of the box. The standard edge isn't too bad, either.

    It also takes an edge very easily and holds it very well. I also bought the 10'' ceramic steel which I highly recommend to keep this blade in good shape between sharpenings.

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    5  Product Review, December 31, 2013
    Posted By: David - verified customer

    Extremely pleased with quality of the knife excellent service fast shipping couldn't ask for anything better.

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    5  Product Review, June 30, 2013
    Posted By: Laurence Faber - verified customer

    I'm a line cook and this has completely replaced my 8 global. It's the perfect length, feel, and weight.

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    5  Product Review, February 22, 2013
    Posted By: Gary II - verified customer

    Knife really performs! This has to be one of the best knives on the market for the price. Cuts, chops, and performs like a knife 3 times the price! Great fast shipping and service. Best of all American made !

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    4  Product Review, October 5, 2012
    Posted By: Jay Cohen - verified customer

    First Chef Knife upgrade. Good knife, tad light, but overall, great value

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    4  Product Review, September 10, 2012
    Posted By: Brian - verified customer

    this knife has great balance and sharpens like a dream. Comes out of the box with a very decent edge, but gets amazingly sharp with a few strokes on the stone. Mine had a touch of over grind at the heal, took a couple extra minutes to take out, not a big deal. overall F&F is amazing, let alone at this price point.

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    5  Product Review, September 3, 2012
    Posted By: Antonio Arizmendi - verified customer

    Incredibly sharp. A great deal. The best quality and the best price.

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    4  Product Review, September 1, 2012
    Posted By: John Rosa, Sr - verified customer

    Just got my Knife. Out of the box first use, Sliced one tomato, worked fine. 2nd use, tried to slice a 2nd tomato, struggled to break the skin of the tomato and had a hard time with thin clean slices. Kinda dissapointed because I paid an extra $15 for Finished Sharpening. I still like the knife, long thin blade, very light and comfortable in my hand, but...Very dissapointed with the edge. Will I ever make another purchase? Yes! but with-out paying an extra $15 for the Finish Sharpening Edge

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    5  Product Review, July 31, 2012
    Posted By: David Jessup - verified customer

    The filling of my order was prompt as usual. The knife was impressive in appearance and fit my large hand quite well. It was sharp right out of the box and has easily handled every task that I have attempted with it. I have several chefs knives, but I now reach for this knife every time. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone who would ask.

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    5  Product Review, July 19, 2012
    Posted By: Nick - verified customer

    I got this knife two days before the delivery date. Awesome. Got really excited to I immediately went out and got a bunch of produce to prep for dinner. Thought the knife edge finish was beautiful. After the first couple of cuts I had a hesitant feeling. Then after about 10 bls of produce, I wished I wished I could take the feeling back. The Knife was and is Brilliant (period)

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    5  Product Review, July 16, 2012
    Posted By: EJ - verified customer

    Fantastic knife for the money. Takes a great edge and really has nice balance.

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    5  Product Review, July 7, 2012
    Posted By: Jmbullman - verified customer

    After probably being on of the first to own and sharpen several of these I have come to the conclusion that this is a laser in sheeps clothing, ultra thin I put the optional parer tip on mine and this is one of if not the best mark has come out with I would put it head to head with the laser and I think it would be a tie. I made dinner and cut through a bag of carrots, potatoes, celery, and a rare linen broil after that and it went through better than some of the 500 dollar knive I own. That's all this knife was missing was the length. At this price if you don't buy it your a fool and I am not scared to say it. Peace

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