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Richmond Artifex 210mm Carbon 52100
Richmond Artifex 210mm Carbon 52100
Richmond Artifex 210mm Carbon 52100

Richmond Artifex 210mm Carbon 52100

Item #: Artifex Carbon 52100
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Richmond Artifex 210mm Carbon 52100.

  • weight: 7.2oz
  • blade length: 210mm
  • total length: 331mm
  • spine thickness at base: 2.45mm
  • blade depth at base: 46.26mm

  • Customer Reviews
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    By:  Grant G
    Mountain View,CA
    I ordered and received an Artifex Carbon 52100 about a month ago. I work in the kitchen at home only two or three times per week at most and like many of the CKTG customers,have a "small" collection of chef knives to choose from [1]. I’m still getting to know the 52100 blade and like it a lot. It’s not going to collect dust here.

    I can’t tell the difference (in use) between the two 210mm Artifex models (AEBL and 52100) I now have. Both take an "easy-shave sharp" edge and are essentially the same weight (211g) and dimensions. I couldn’t tell you one is sharper or holds the edge better than the other since I’m not using them to earn a living. Both are excellent knives and I believe excellent value for the price ($85 for Carbon 52100).

    So why did I buy the Artifex Carbon 52100 ?

    1) I’ve read about 52100 "ball bearing steel" knives and thought I just need to try one.

    2) Happy I didn’t have to spend $350+tax on a Kramer/Henckels. :)

    3) I like the "patina" look that carbon steel takes on over time and wipe down all my knives immediately after use.

    4) I already loved the Artifex AEBL (blade thickness,rounded spine,overall shape)

    I definitely am a big fan of the gyuto shape,rounded spine,and thinner blade (2.25mm for 210mm) typical of the Richmond branded knives (AFAICT,all made by Lamson and Goodnow).

    The Artifex knives are medium weight (AEBL 206g; my 52100 is 211g) with a fairly heavy handle. The heavy handle works fine in my big hands and the knife has a neutral balance. I’m not in a hurry to replace the handle,though someday I might do that.

    In closing,let me be clear: the Moritaka KG-210 is still my favorite blade: light(145g) and easiest to use but hardest to sharpen and costs 2x any of the Richmond Artifex.

    [1] Ikea Slitbar 8" with and without "damascus" (this VG10/HRC60 steel is a bargain but heavy @ 300g),Jantz Supply "HD505 Carina Chef",Artifex AEBL,Moritaka KG-210,and some "inexpensive" 1980’s zwilling/henckels knives (lower end 32207-200 and SuperFection line 32725-200).

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