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Richmond Addict 2 AEBL 240mm Gyuto - Click to enlarge
Richmond Addict 2 AEBL 240mm Gyuto
Item #Addict AEB-L Wenge
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Here is the popular Richmond Addict 2 in AEB-L stainless steel! Measures 240mm and is nice and tall. AEB-L (which is my favorite stainless steel on the market for kitchen knives) was designed for razors, which need corrosion resistance, high hardness and very acute edges. Once you try a knife that is made with AEB-L you will see why it is coveted by knife enthusiasts and professionals. The knife will take a very keen edge just like the best carbon steels yet you don't have to worry about rusting. You will also find much better sharpening properties since AEB-L is less prone to produce wire edges that are so common when you sharpen most high end Japanese kitchen knives. We hardened this steel to 60.5-61 for the ideal hardness and toughness.

I designed this knife to be thin with a nice sized octagonal handle made out of Wenge and Maple, done here in Madison Wisconsin by our woodworker Isaiah. The blade is also made in the USA with our partner Lamson And Goodnow. The factory edge grind is 50/50 at about 15 degrees on each side. We priced this knife aggressively so that line cooks, knife enthusiasts, and students could afford it.

  • weight: 5.6oz
  • blade length: 242mm
  • total length: 361mm
  • spine thickness at base: 2.2mm
  • blade depth at base: 54.91mm
  • HRC 61
  • Average rating is 4
    By:  Kelsey Brookes
    Brisbane Australia
    I recently purchased my AEBL Richmond Addict 2 chef’s knife and am very pleased with it. It’s my first ’serious’ knife and I enjoy using it enormously.

    It cuts through meat like butter and makes short work of chopping veg. It’s faster for me to chop the ingredients for a chilli jam than to use a stick blender.

    I also paid for the knife sharpening service,but this is the bit that loses one star for me. It’s wickedly sharp but there’s a definite spot around the centre of the blade that’s duller than the point or heel. Not dull,by any stretch of the imagination. By most standards,it would be extremely sharp. It’s just not quite as consistently sharp along the whole length.


    That’s a VERY minor niggle tho. I’m very pleased with both the knife and the service from CKTG
    By:  Ken
    San Diego
    I purchased this knife because I like the AEB-L Steel,and Mark recommended this knife to try it in. My first impressions were that it was a high value knife. The finish quality of the knife is not exceptional,but,it does not cost $300 or $400 either. I cleaned the spine up as well as the Choil area and it made a big difference. The knife came workably sharp out of the box. It is light weight and handles like a "Ferrari" so to speak. Appropriately thin,and tall. Excellent knife for the $$$.
    By:  Ken
    San Diego
    I purchased this knife based on Mark’s recommendation. It is (another) High Value product from Richmond. This,light,and quick handling. I bought it because I like the steel. It is tallish,great blade shape. Finish was a bit rough in the choil area. I cleaned up the spine and choil with some 600 and 1000 wet dry. The factory edge is serviceable,in fact,has gone through several services with just the Idahone tuneup. Mark makes very high value knives. Recommended.

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    Richmond Addict 2 AEBL 240mm Gyuto

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