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Itto-Ryu Rentetsu Hand Forged White #1 Gyuto 210mm - Click to enlarge
Itto-Ryu Rentetsu Hand Forged White #1 Gyuto 210mm
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These exceptional knives are named after the unique cladding material that is used on these san mai blades. This cladding material uses older iron produced over 100years ago for railroad tracks, anchors, chains and nails. The refining technology for this material was done in less sophisticated foundries so the iron had many impurities. When we refine this older iron with the latest forging method, the surface yields a unique Mokume type finish which looks a little like wood grain.

Thanks to a collaboration with our bladesmith, we are able to offer you this new line. The blade core is white paper steel inserted into the exterior cladding and is called san mai construction. The blades are heat treated by hand and hand ground using modern blacksmithing techniques. HRC on these knives is HRC 61 and they sharpen easily with excellent performance. The D shaped handles are made from sandlewood with black pakka wood ferrule. They also have a very nice and attractive hamon pattern on the lower part of the blade.

Average rating is 3
By:  Gary
Beautiful knife with its iron cladding and nice handle. Heavier then a typical 210mm Gyuto. However it struggles with keeping an edge. Bought a Fujiwara for my Gyuto instead which I am very very happy with. Use my Itto-Ryu for a deba now.

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Itto-Ryu Rentetsu Hand Forged White #1 Gyuto 210mm

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