Nubatama Ume XXC Aratae
Nubatama Ume XXC Aratae
Nubatama Ume XXC Aratae

Nubatama Ume XXC Aratae

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First a word of warning. This video contains sounds that may be offensive to squeamish knifenuts! This stone will be added to the Nubatama series of stones. This is a 24 grit stone, very coarse. The stone is porous and EXTREMELY aggressive!

In this video, I take a Shun cleaver (VG10 steel, Classic series) and demonstrate removing the 'belly' of the blade. A number of people complain that this knife has too much belly and just only touches the cutting board at one point rather than having a big 'sweet spot' to give cleaner cuts, especially when push cutting.

So I use the 24 grit stone to remove most of the belly by grinding the edge off perpendicular to the stone and then begin to recreate the edge again afterward with the new shape established.

This sort of maneuver is extremely hard on a stone and I wouldn't dream of doing this on a smoother less aggressive stone, as I would be here all day and get a badly dished stone.

I prefer using a stone for this over a belt grinder because using a grinder it is extremely difficult to impossible to get as flat of an edge as you get from a stone, with overgrind areas etc. A nightmare.

This stone does this really tough task with ease. The sounds it makes are not pretty, but it 'gets it done' like nothing else. This stone's strength is in reshaping a knife either to change it's basic shape to something else, create an edge or other very rough tasks. This can be used to level out very badly dished stones too. Some tasks that you would normally use a belt grinder for are accomplished better with this coarse stone, especially if you don't want to generate a lot of heat using powered abrasion. For the man who doesn't want to be outmachined :)

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By:  Leo Barr
I tried it out on a cheap(Spanish made)meat cleaver the thinning bevel was full of undulations . I got them out pretty rapidly and since I was using the whole length of the stone it was probable a lot easier than using a belt sander for the same purpose.
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