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Nubatama Bamboo 120 Grit - Click to enlarge
Nubatama Bamboo 120 Grit
Item #NB120
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Nubatama 120 Grit Stone 205mm x 75mm x 50mm.

As part of a series of demonstrations of the Nubatama Synthetic Japanese Waterstones, this stone is a 120 grit stone of the Bamboo series. It is the second most coarse stone, with the 60 grit being even coarser. This stone is very useful for establishing an initial edge and doing all but the most serious of repairs. Porous, slow wearing for a low grit stone. In this video, I take a knife that has no cutting ability whatsoever, demonstrated by the inability to cut my hand, rolled up paper towels or do anything other than squash a tomato when attempting to cut it. In just a few strokes, I quickly generate a burr, remove the burr, turn it over and generate a small burr on the opposite side and remove it. I then repeat the test and get excellent cutting performance easily slicing the rolled up paper and effortlessly slicing a tomato. I did not test it cutting my hand for obvious reasons :)

This is a fast stone, excellent for quickly establishing a working coarse but sharp edge in no time at all.

Average rating is 4.5
By:  Noah
San Diego,CA
While the Bamboo 120 certainly can clean up a blade,I find it takes a lot of water under continuous flow as it doesn’t have much binder. That is,it won’t work well to soak or work the stone in a reservoir of water. I have found a sheet of sandpaper on glass works a bit better,though this does have some advantages for niche work. Flattening this stone is tricky. It will cut into a DMT plate and is not true out of the box. It is aggressive,but I have had better luck with a low speed powered wetstone for truing and shaping.
By:  Jmbullman
I have used dmt plates to the point I was sick of replacing a xcourse every 2-3 months. I bought this nubatama 120 after having so much success with the 6-8 k and I haven’t looked back since. I cut a 8-10 degree bevel on an addict 1 ( the thicker addict) and it only took about 10-12 mins and that is crucible steel cpm 154 and the stone didnt dish I love it and now use my dmt to flatten the nubatama. So far the nubatamas have surpassed the hype and I will slowly be adding different grits to my collection so I can do a straight start to finish on all knifes. These are wonderful,pricey maybe but if I buy 3 dmt’s per year and just buy the nubatamas which show little wear than It was well worth the extra dough. Peace,jmbullman

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Nubatama Bamboo 120 Grit

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