Nubatama Ume 1K Large
Nubatama Ume 1K Large
Nubatama Ume 1K Large

Nubatama Ume 1K Large

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Nubatama Ume 1K Large 205mm x 75mm x 50mm. In this video, I demonstrate the large black brick 1000 grit Nubatama Ume Japanese Waterstone. There is a second regular sized 1000 grit Ume as well in this series.

The stone is porous, but not extremely so, in that it saturates fairly quickly. Not quite splah and go, but close to it.

The first knife I demonstrate is a Kikuichi yanagi with a somewhat uneven finish and a small area near the heel below the surface level of the rest of the bevel. This stone in a fairly short period of time smooths out the bevel's finish and removes the depressed area near the heel.

This stone is not as hard as the speckled 1000 Ume smaller stone. The mud is very useful and effective and seems to be preferable to use on a single beveled knife. Cutting action and rate is quite fast. This is an easy and pleasurable stone to use. The resultant finish is hazy and preserves contrast between the softer cladding (jigane) and the harder core steel (hagane).

I also discuss some details of how to sharpen a yanagi and the schools of thought on this both here and in Japan.

Next is the Sugimoto 'mini chukobocho', a cross between a more delicate nakiri, but heavier - more like a chuckobocho, useful particularly for the home cook or someone working in a pro kitchen with limited space. Easily produces an excellent edge. Not as muddy of a stone as the 1500 Bamboo (I said Ume in the video - sorry). Similar to a medium to hard natural aoto.

The third knife is a Maestro Wu Gyuto. This stone easily puts an edge capable of both slice and push cutting paper and still having enough tooth to slice a rolled up paper towel. This stone 'likes' this knife quite a lot.

Overall, an excellent capable !k stone. It's large size makes it particularly attractive, even more so for single beveled knives than the harder UME 1k. An easy stone to like!

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5  Product Review, February 20, 2012
Posted By: M. Pettersson - verified customer

I just got this stone and I love it. It has a great feel, silky mud, fast cutting and doesn't dish much. It beats Chosera 1k in every way except for finish and you get a bigger stone. If you looking for a single 1k stone to keep all your knives sharp, this is the one.

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