Nubatama Bamboo 600
Nubatama Bamboo 600
Nubatama Bamboo 600

Nubatama Bamboo 600

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Nubatama Bamboo 600 Grit. 215mm x 78mm x 30mm.

In this video, I review the Nubatama Bamboo 600 grit stone. This stone is similar in both style and appearance to the 320 grit Bamboo stone, but leaves an even finer finish.

Water absorption and saturation is pretty rapid, making this stone close to a splash and go type stone. Slightly porous. It does retain metal swarf similar to the 320 Bamboo or JNS 320 stone.

I begin by continuing to refine the edge left on a knife after a chip repair on a 180 grit Nubatama stone. This is a 330 mm Tojiro gyuto, a stainles VG10 type steel.

Very smooth stone, fine mud, quickly generates metal swarf. Acts like a fast 1000 grit stone. Doesn't generate a lot of mud - between a Shapton and a Chosera.

I spend some time demonstrating changes in sound as the edge is refined and the stone surface becomes smoother from the stone's initial surfacing. I mention the lack of necessity to generate burr with every stone.

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