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Nubatama Ume 1.5 K - Click to enlarge
Nubatama Ume 1.5 K
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Nubatama Ume 1.5K Grit stone. 205mm x 75mm x 25mm. In this video, I introduce the 1500 grit Nubatama Ume stone, a fine grit stone similar in composition to the 320 600 and 1000 grit white stones - and completely different from the 1200 grit Nubatama.

They saturate quickly, with this stone even less porous than the those other stones just mentioned. Essentially a splash and go stone. The stone immediately feels smoother than the 1000 grit stone and is aggressive. Produces a very fine slurry. Not a muddy stone. An extremely pleasurable stone to use.

I use a Damascus clad Moritaka Nakiri and specifically am going to remove some scratches right behind the edge and demonstrate this technique. I take advantage of the knife's patina as a substitute for the 'sharpie trick'. I also blend the area behind the edge into the edge. I demonstrate fine angle control to produce a convex grind while thinning the edge and removing the coarser scratches in the processs. You can hear pitch changes with angle changes. I demonstrate how to control the instant of burr formation by 'sneaking up on the burr' - an advanced technique that many Edgepro users are familiar with that equally applies to freehand sharpeners. An excellent stone for use for touchups. A superior stone compared to a 1500 King or similar stone in every way - perfect for use in a typical sushi type restaurant. Very similar to the type of feel associated with Chocera stones - just a bit harder. Gives an edge perfectly useful for many kitchen tasks not requiring a highly polished edge.

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By:  Branwell
For quite some time now Iíve thought to myself if I could only find a mid grit version of a Rika 5k,Iíd be in mid grit heaven.

The Ume 1.5K is just that stone. Its got all the Rikaís positive attributes. Its fast,has super smooth drag on the blade,and doesnít wear too fast. Its also more or less a splash and go.

But at $140 bux,really? Is it worth it? Its coarser brother the Ume 1K will remove metal as fast if not faster and still leave an edge perfect to finish on a 6K,and do it at less than half the price. Isnít that a better deal? No. It isnít. The Ume 1K is a truly great stone. It feels good,cuts silly fast,but the Ume 1.5K is just in a different class.
By:  Branwell
I love this stone. I’ve been searching for and trying many mid grit stones to find one that has a feel that just makes you want to sharpen all day,while at the same time having great cutting speed,great feedback,and not requiring a long soak. Given how large my mid grit stone collection had gown,I was really balking at the price thinking I’d have another expensive door stop,but alas,I’ve found what is for me,the perfect mid grit stone.

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Nubatama Ume 1.5 K

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