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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 800
Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 800
Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 800

Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 800

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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 800.I this video I demonstrate the Nubatama Bamboo 800 grit stone. The first knife is a CCK 'fish chopper. Reminiscent of a straight razor blade profile, it is a concave shape with a wide (11mm thick) spine. The spine is used to push the knife through the fish with the palm of the opposite hand. The actual edge doesn't touch the stone but rather the area behind it so you need to raise the spine above the stone to correctly sharpen it.

Next is a CCK noodle knife an elongated cleaver useful for cutting longer strips of pasta noodles and Lasagne as well as traditional Chinese and Japanese noodles. The very different Chinese version of the sobakiri or udon noodle cutters of Japan. It was dulled from usage but with no edge damage.

Third is a messed up single bevel kawamuki paring knife, messed up by a hack knife sharpener in Pennsylvania using a buffer in a 'misguided' attempt to try to learn how to deburr when sharpening with a guided device. Actually reshaped a knife with a buffer, LOL! I can't restore the destroyed shinogi line on this knife, but instead use it for a small utility parer instead of it's original function. The front bevel is also rounded off - not a hamaguri type grind but just a very sloppy convex grind. I demonstrate how to work around this incredibly mistreated knife's problems as best as possible.

This 800 grit stone saturates relatively quickly - close to splash and go. Slow disher. Acts like a fast 1k stone. Smooth feeling for a 800 grit stone. Doesn't generate a lot of mud but does produce dark swarf and generates a burr rapidly. Suprisingly hard stone.

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